Got Old Books and Gadgets to Sell? This Website Has You Covered

Earn some cash while reducing waste.

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The next time you’re in your room, take a good look around and ask yourself the toughest question of all.

Do I REALLY need all this stuff?

While there certainly are indispensable items (like your bed and that cozy quilt you’ve had since you were 12), other objects don’t have as much value. Therefore, you could come up with two lists: “must have” and “must go.”

Now, if you were to walk around your entire place, that second list will get longer. And longer. And longer.

Chances are that your possessions will meet one of two fates: get consigned to a storage space or dumped into the garbage bin.

What if there’s—gasp—a third option? What if you could recoup some of the money spent on all those objects?

That’s exactly what decluttr allows you to do. This website will help you sell your stuff (provided that it falls within certain categories), thereby living up to its name and freeing up a lot of space in your residence. In the process, you reduce the amount of waste that our planet has to put up with.

A platform through which you earn money and lend Mother Earth a helping hand? Now that’s a win-win!

More on decluttr

In 2014, U.K.-based company musicMagpie (which specializes in reCommerce) decided to launch the decluttr brand in the United States.

The premise was simple: Like musicMagpie, decluttr would be a platform where Americans could sell unwanted tech and media items, thus earning money while also reducing their waste production.

What kind of items are we talking about here? Decluttr specifically deals with:

  • Print materials such as children’s books; textbooks for elementary school, high school, and college students; and titles for leisurely reading
  • Mobile phones from various brands (including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola)
  • CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays (Remember those?)
  • PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox consoles
  • Other gadgets and accessories (such as iPads, iPods, headphones, and speakers)

Here’s a twist: LEGOs can also be sold on decluttr so long as they’re the real thing and in good condition. 

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To add value to the items sold on its platform, decluttr refurbishes each one before it gets to its buyer. Think your tablet looks shabby? Let the decluttr team add some finishing touches, and it will look as enticing as before.

How can you earn money on decluttr?

It’s simple! Follow these four steps:

  1. Get a valuation for the products you want to sell. On the decluttr website or app, you can enter each item’s specs or barcode. As per the company, “You’re guaranteed to get the first price we offer with our Tech Price Promise or you can request your item back for FREE!”

Take note that you need to sell a minimum of one tech item or 10 media items. Your product (or products) should be worth over $5, as per decluttr’s valuation.

  1. Store your product in a box. Decluttr will send you a welcome pack and a free shipping label so that there’s no doubt the box contains your items.
  1. Avail yourself of decluttr’s free shipping. The company has partnered with UPS to make this happen. 
  1. Get paid. The sweet part! After your products are processed, you will receive your payment via direct deposit or PayPal.

Excited to get some cash for your old stuff? Head over here to start selling. Through decluttr, you can recoup some costs, free home space, and reduce trash for the planet’s sake.

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