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Got Passion for Music? This Online Platform Will Help You Monetize It

Wanted: great taste in music and social media savvy.

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For 21st-century music lovers, creating the perfect playlist is a thrilling exercise.

Each day, they flock to Spotify and obsess over hard-hitting questions. How many tracks should I include? Which song should come after that one? Am I telling the story of my life with this thing?

Questions like these will get your brain cells all fired up. Then, when you do settle on 18 beautiful tracks, what exactly do you get in return? An awesome listening experience and…not much else.

Unless, of course, you’re a verified curator for Playlist Push.

With this online platform, you can earn money by harnessing your passion for music. In other words, by joining the Playlist Push community, you’ll get rewarded both artistically and financially.

More on Playlist Push

Playlist Push is the brainchild of George Goodrich, a former event promoter who had experience working with SoundCloud artists. While employed by a company called Repost Network, Goodrich noted how a number of artists benefited from the inclusion of their songs in third-party playlists.

Eventually, Goodrich decided to create a platform that could help up-and-coming artists get their songs into Spotify playlists, thereby increasing their exposure. With assistance from a developer and a team of nine playlist curators, Goodrich launched Playlist Push in 2017.

At that time, Playlist Push charged artists $40 for their music to be sent to the curators. As it turned out, the artists got their money’s worth and then some! Goodrich’s curators reviewed songs, gave insightful feedback, and facilitated the placement of the songs they liked in playlists.

The result? More streams, just as the artists had hoped. In the years that followed, more curators would join the Playlist Push team, and the platform would generate more revenue.

At present, the fees for a Playlist Push campaign start at $300. Here’s the thing: When you earn the trust of more than 20,000 artists and industry insiders and get press coverage from Rolling Stone and Fortune, you can charge that much.

How you can earn money from Playlist Push

There are two ways you can join the team: as a Spotify curator or a TikTok influencer. Here’s where it gets tricky: Since Playlist Push wants to ensure that all of its team members wield enough influence on social media, it implements a screening process that can’t exactly be called easy.

  • To qualify as a Spotify curator, you need to have a playlist with a minimum of 1,000 followers and 30 active monthly listeners. We’re talking all organic streams—no bot activity, please!
  • To qualify as a TikTok influencer, you need to have at least 31,000 followers, and each of your videos should have 3,100 views or more.

What’s the actual work a team member does? Spotify curators write reviews of tracks uploaded to Playlist Push for promotion. If a curator takes a strong liking to a particular song, they can opt to add that track to their playlist (and, in the process, put a smile on the artist’s face).

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As for TikTok influencers, they choose sounds lifted from tracks uploaded by artists. These influencers can use the selected sounds to spice up their TikTok videos. They can send the link to their sound-enhanced videos to Playlist Push, which will gladly compensate them for the influencing they’ve done.

Spotify curators can earn anywhere from $1 to $15 for each review, while TikTok influencers can pocket up to $250 per video. Here’s the not-so-secret ingredient: The more followers you have, the better your chances of earning on the higher end of the range.

Ready to begin your hustle as a curator or an influencer? Head over here to get the ball rolling! 

With Playlist Push, everyone’s happy: the people running the platform, the artists looking for feedback and exposure, and you, the (yet) unsung music expert.

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