Ever Heard of the Smartphone That Pays for Itself? Here’s Your Chance to Work for the Company That Developed It

Just when you thought mobile phones couldn’t evolve further…

woman using a smartphone in a coffee shop

In this day and age, there is no limit to what our mobile phones can do. They facilitate calls and text messages, connect to the internet, organize our schedules, store our files, and play an endless stream of audio and video content.

And, you know, pay for themselves.

Seriously now, have you heard of the smartphone that enables you to earn income through your daily activities, thereby helping you cover the cost of buying that device in the first place?

This is no fantasy: Such a phone does exist. What’s more, the company that came up with it is offering you a job. A work-from-home job, at that!

That’s right. Mode Mobile has a number of remote vacancies, and you could be its next hire. With your support, Mode Mobile can continue to disrupt the telecommunications industry and create more ground-breaking gadgets.

Background of the company

The story of Mode Mobile began in 2011, when entrepreneur Dan Novaes met tech wizard Kiran Panesar on the freelance platform Fiverr. In 2017, Novaes and Panesar decided to launch a music aggregation service so that music lovers could stream their favorite tracks on just one app (as opposed to opening different apps).

The two gentlemen came to notice that one particular feature of their service gained plenty of traction: free radio content via the internet. Though they could have opted to lean further into the “free music” thing, Novaes and Panesar decided it would be better to find ways to help customers earn more income. With some extra money in their pockets, people could avail themselves of the other features of the service.

So it was that their company (going by the name Current Mobile) widened its scope from music content to sustainable mobile phone services. On February 2, 2022, Current Mobile rebranded to Mode Mobile to reflect the different ways (or “modes,” if you will) in which its customers can achieve financial growth.

What does Mode Mobile have to offer?

Currently, the crown jewels of this company are the Mode Earn Phone and the Mode Earn App. The income potential of this phone and app combo is impressive: According to the company, you can earn upwards of $900 per year if you use the Mode Earn Phone four hours a day.

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What’s the catch? Nothing, really—all you have to do is to perform tasks that you’d be doing with any other phone anyway. Daily activities that can earn you extra cash include:

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Listening to music
  • Completing surveys
  • Conducting an online search
  • Reading news articles
  • Unlocking your phone
  • Charging your phone

Those last two sound like the most mundane things you can do with a phone, but believe it or not, they can still get you cash credits.

If all of this sounds impressive to you, you may want to join the ranks of this company. If so, head over to Mode Mobile’s Jobs page to view the remote work vacancies.

With more than three million active users per month, Mode Mobile remains on an upward trajectory. Become a team member and partake in the company’s success!

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