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How Much Do Top TikTok Creators Make?

To earn the money they do, we’d lip-sync till dawn.

two teenage girls shooting a video for tiktok

Let’s face it: TikTok is filled with some of the most banal content ever produced by the human brain.

Take your pick: Challenges involving tortilla wraps? Questionable Michael Jackson impersonations? Simulated magazine covers?

Before you laugh (or yawn), there’s something you need to know about content creators on TikTok. Some of them have gotten rich (like really, really rich). Since the social media giant—which has hit the 1 billion mark in terms of monthly active users—isn’t going away any time soon, these content creators are bound to get wealthier.

To be fair, these creative minds have spawned some great success stories that can’t be encapsulated in short videos. A number of TikTok creators have gone into television (where, admittedly, there’s more banal stuff), started their own business ventures, or signed juicy endorsement deals.

Lesson learned? Just like YouTube and Twitch, TikTok can be your ticket to big bucks. Unless, of course, you keep slipping on the stairs while you dance to Doja Cat.

Here’s a list of TikTok creators who are the total opposite of fail, as indicated by their earnings.

Charli D’Amelio
$17,500,000 (Source, 2022)

Dixie D’ Amelio
$10,000,000 (Source, 2022)

Joe Albanese
$8,711,000 (Source, 2020)

Addison Rae
$8,500,000 (Source, 2022)

Q Park
$5,224,500 (Source, 2020)

Bella Poarch and Josh Richards
$5,000,000 (Source, 2022)

Jeremy Lynch
$5,000,000 (Source, 2021)

Josh Richards
$5,000,000 (Source, 2022)

Kris Collins
$5,000,000 (Source, 2022)

Avani Gregg
$4,750,000 (Source, 2022)

Zach King
$4,700,000 (Source, 2022)

Kimberly Loaiza
$4,100,000 (Source, 2021)

Michael Le
$4,000,000 (Source, 2021)

Spencer Polanco Knight / Spencer X
$3,577,000 (Source, 2020)

Spencer X
$3,500,000 (Source, 2021)

Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo
$3,000,000 (Source, 2021)

Noah Beck
$2,817,500 (Source, 2020)

Gilmher Croes
$2,669,000 (Source, 2020)

Loren Gray
$2,600,000 (Source, 2021)

Jamil & Jamel Neffati
$2,500,000 (Source, 2021)

Jason Coffee
$2,090,000 (Source, 2020)

Khabane Lame
$2,000,000 (Source, 2021)

Riyaz Aly
$2,000,000 (Source, 2022)

Lauren Godwin
$1,742,500 (Source, 2020)

Abby Roberts
$1,736,500 (Source, 2020)

Jayden Croes
$1,631,000 (Source, 2020)

Spencer Polanco Knight
$1,200,000 (Source, 2021)

Savannah LaBrant
$988,000 (Source, 2020)

Dominic Andre
$884,000 (Source, 2020)

$857,500 (Source, 2020)

Awez Darbar
$780,000 (Source, 2020)

Glitterandlazers / Anna O’Brien
$750,000 (Source, 2020)

Baby Ariel
$706,000 (Source, 2020)

Holly Hubert
$600,000 (Source, 2021)

Chase Hudson
$444,000 (Source, 2020)

Stokes Twins
$438,000 (Source, 2020)

Arishfa Khan
$429,000 (Source, 2020)

Nisha Guragain
$420,000 (Source, 2020)

$374,000 (Source, 2020)

$367,500 (Source, 2020)

Antonie Lokhorst
$322,500 (Source, 2020)

Krysten Mayers
$314,500 (Source, 2020)

Younes Zarou
$300,000 (Source, 2021)

Lucas and Marcus
$272,000 (Source, 2020)

Sydney Brown
$264,000 (Source, 2020)

Gabrielle Alexis
$210,000 (Source, 2020)

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Vivian Aronson
$161,000 (Source, 2020)

Shereen Pavlides
$139,500 (Source, 2020)

Taylor Hage
$127,500 (Source, 2020)

The figures above are estimated annual incomes for the years mentioned in the sources.

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