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These Obscure Jobs Make Over $100,000

Who cares if they sound weird?

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When we were in elementary school, our homeroom teachers used to ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

They would then offer a huge smile (plus an encouraging word or two) as each student shared their ambitions. Doctor. Lawyer. Scientist. Business executive. 

That’s a great job. Go for it!

Imagine how Ms. Crabapple would have reacted if you’d said deer urine farmer. Or professional mourner. Or—we’re really not sure about this one—snuggler.

Look, each of us has a role to play on this earth. As long as you’re doing productive work for society, who cares how obscure or weird your occupation is?

These job titles aren’t just exotic-sounding; they’re also life-sustaining. Some of them fetch more than $100,000 a year!

Get your resume ready. Vacancies for master marijuana extractor might not last long.

Airplane repossessor
$10,000-$900,000 per plane (source)

Bed warmer
Can top $200,000 (source)

Bingo manager
$50,000-$108,000 a year (source)

Body for hire
More than $100,000 (source)

Bridesmaid for hire
$1,000 per day (source)

Certified ethical hacker
$79,000-$131,000 a year (source)

Clinical ethicist
$113,230 per year (source)

Crab fish boat captain
More than $200,000 (source)

$100,000 or more (source)

Death row executioner
$52,195 to $105,000 a year (source)

Decoy executive
More than $100,000 (source)

Deer urine farmer
Between $93,440 and $303,680 per deer per year (source)

Face feeler
$25 per hour (source)

Funeral service manager
Up to $153,340 per year (source)

Gambling manager
Up to $136,650 a year (source)

Genetic counselor
$76,000-$100,000 a year (source)

Golf ball diver
$200 per day/$150,000 per year (source)

Ice cream taster
$60,000-$101,000 a year (source)

Live mannequin or human statue
$100 per hour (source)

Master marijuana extractor
$250,000 per year (source)

Nuclear diver
Beyond $100,000 per year (source)

Online dating ghostwriter
More than $100,000 (source)

Pearl diver
$1,200 per day (source)

Poop patrol worker in San Francisco
$71,760 a year + additional $112,918 in benefits (source)

Portable toilet cleaner
$36,845 to more than $89,000 a year (source)

Professional mourner
$70 for 2 hours (source)

Professional TV watcher
$500 to $600 per week (source)

Shot girl
More than $100,000 (source)

Six Sigma master black belt
$130,400 per year (source)

Snake milker
$1,000 per gram (source)

More than $100,000 (source)

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Submarine cook
$187,000 per year (source)

Technology evangelist
$56,000 to $120,000 per year (source)

Tropical island caretaker
$150,000 for six months (source)

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