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Your Favorite Piece of Expensive Software Probably Has a Free Alternative: Here Are 100

Put that money toward your next beach vacation.

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Have you been up all night working on a presentation, notes scattered around your desk, empty coffee mugs piling up all around you? Are you worried about how you’re going to afford tuition or a car payment on top of shelling out your hard-earned money for costly software that’s supposed to make your life easier?

Classes, projects, and even entire office spaces are shifting into the digital realm. There are more productivity resources than ever before, but at the same time, it’s never been so overwhelming to know exactly where to begin when seeking out free or low-cost alternatives to pricey mainstays. 

Luckily, you don’t have to put another dent in your credit card to get a Photoshop subscription. Take a look at the list below for an idea of what free software options are available, from career tools and screen recording to photo and video editing. 

Now, make that Grande coffee a Venti. You deserve it!

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