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Got Parenting Wisdom to Share? With This Work-from-Home Job, You Can Connect with Moms and Dads Worldwide

In the parenting community, sharing is caring.

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For parents, the learning process never stops. Ever.

Just when you think you’ve mastered all the intricacies of a certain stage, your child flips the script on you and grows. One year older, yes, but sometimes a few inches taller as well!

Before you know it, you’re back to square one. Instead of feeling like an “expert,” you’re once again a novice who has to figure things out on the fly.

Thus, words of wisdom are most welcome for mothers and fathers. Techniques, factual tidbits, and fresh perspectives can go a long way in terms of helping parents address the various needs of their kiddos.

Got some nuggets to share with your peers in the parenting community? Now’s your chance to share your great insights!

Everyday Health Group, a content provider focused on health and wellness, is looking for an associate social media producer to help it spread the good word about pregnancy and parenting. If you’re equipped with firsthand experience, comprehensive knowledge, and an abundance of creativity, this job has your name on it.

What responsibilities will I have?

The associate social media producer will work for two of the company’s brands: What to Expect and BabyCenter. Both of them cater to new and expectant parents. 

This means that the content they produce covers the entire pregnancy—from conception all the way to birth. Plus, What to Expect and BabyCenter provide great material for parents of newborns, infants, and toddlers.

So, where does the associate social media producer fit in? It’s simple: Your job is to ensure that said material is indeed great.

Note that the distribution channel for this content is crystal clear from the job designation. Since social media is the go-to place of just about everyone on the internet nowadays, What to Expect and BabyCenter intend to have a strong presence in that domain.

Here are the specific responsibilities of an associate social media producer:

  • Collaborate with multimedia staff to come up with original video content and editorials (as well as effective visual design) for social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Ensure that all published content is accurate as well as aligned with the brand’s identity
  • Come up with and adhere to a content calendar where all the planned content is strategically mapped out
  • Adapt up-to-date strategies based on trends unfolding across different social media platforms

What qualifications do I need to have?

To begin with, only residents of the United States are eligible for this job.

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Firsthand experience in matters of pregnancy, parenting, or health and wellness is a must-have. Of course, if you possess a wealth of experience in more than one of these fields, your chances of getting hired are even better.

Applicants should have one to three years of professional experience in the realm of social media. In particular, you will be expected to have a strong familiarity with TikTok strategies.

The estimated salary for this job is between $5,000 and $5,833 a month. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision benefits, 401(k) with company match, and (of course) pregnancy and parental leave.

Ready to share your best practices with parents across the globe? Head over here to get started on your application! With your supervision, What to Expect and BabyCenter can come up with helpful content that can change the lives of mommies, daddies, and—most importantly—their adorable children.

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