How Much Does Traffic Cost the Average American?

Idle time is money, too.

bird view of traffic at night

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You’re cruising down the road, eager to get home after work. You glance at the GPS, convinced that today’s the day you avoid the traffic jam. You’ve figured out a route involving back roads through residential areas. You turn the corner into a neighborhood only to realize that everyone else has had the same idea. 

If you live in a city with a high level of traffic congestion, you’re probably familiar with the din of honking, the sound of engines turning over, and the cacophony of radio stations blasting through rolled-down windows. The number of hours the average American spends inching closer to their destination is growing. In a country that values productivity, traffic congestion comes at a cost to both the individual and the economy. 

INRIX, a location-based data and analytics company, performed an economic analysis using average salary figures, discovering that if you live in one of these 10 cities, you could be losing thousands of dollars a year! 

How many hours a day do you spend stuck behind the wheel of your car?

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