You’re Selling WHAT?! Things People Sell That You Didn’t Expect

There is no way you’ve seen any of these at your local mall!

store with old retro objects

There are outrageous prices, and then there are outrageous items.

Outrageous prices are simple enough to understand: These are hefty price tags that make you seriously question whether an item is worth it. Like, say, a thousand-dollar bagel. Or DJ Khaled sneakers for $25,000.

Outrageous items, however, are a different story altogether.

They make you question everything—the intent of the manufacturer, the inherent value of the item, and maybe even your own understanding of reality. These products (if you can even call them that) were put up for sale by people who apparently have too much time on their hands.

Chances are that you didn’t even know these things were on sale in some marketplace. For a glimpse of some outrageous items that people are asking money for, check out the list below!

These used coffins
Don’t worry, they’re only “slightly used.” We can’t help but wonder, though, about this second description: “only had one owner.”

A 1985 Chevrolet “pirate ship”
Because even Captain Jack Sparrow knows how classy the Chevy can be.

Tattoo advertisement on forehead
Look, advertising space is so costly these days. If you can advertise your products on a visible part of someone’s anatomy, why not?

BBQ pit the size of a huge truck
You never know when you have to grill a tyrannosaurus rex. Best to keep this BBQ pit in the backyard, just in case.

Mouse in a jar
If you took care of a pet mouse once upon a time, this would have been a mini-memorial.

Baby naming rights
Years ago, a woman in Arkansas went on eBay to sell the rights to name her seventh child. Her asking price? $15,000. eBay later ruled that, as common sense dictated, this type of transaction was invalid.

Charles Manson’s baby teeth
Want a piece of the infamous cult leader? Here’s your chance!

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Virgin Mary grilled cheese
This might have been a divine delicacy. (Or not.)

Life for sale
It was sad, really: in 2008, a British man put up his life and possessions on eBay after his wife left him. Can’t put a price on a life, you know!

The meaning of life
Back in 2000 (when it became apparent that the Y2K problem would not plunge the world into chaos), someone put up “the meaning of life” on eBay. At one point, there was a bid at the whopping price of $3.26.

A bunch of telephone poles
Welcome to the 2020s, when entire telephone poles are being sold on the Facebook marketplace.

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