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Do You Love Taking Photos with Your Phone? Then This Job Is Perfect for You

Vanity yesterday, profitability today.

people taking photos of books with smartphones

Once upon a time, cellular phones had but a simple function: to enable a conversation between two people who aren’t within earshot of each other.

Nowadays, if your mobile phone can’t capture high-res photos, it’s so…yesterday.

Over the past two decades, mobile phones have evolved at such a rapid pace that the term “phone” hardly encapsulates what these gadgets can now do. We don’t even refer to them as “cell phones” all that often anymore: they’re iPhones, smartphones, Android phones…Heaven knows what Terminator-esque moniker they’ll get next.

Besides benefiting from the numerous functions our mobile phones can perform—internet access, video and audio streaming, digital banking—we appreciate the fact that these gadgets allow us to accomplish professional tasks. So, the same phone that led to your Call of Duty addiction can also be harnessed for income-generating purposes.

With that being said, we advise you to give the battle royales a rest and pay attention to this new job opportunity.

TELUS International seeks people to participate in image collection for its handwritten text study. Long story short, you’ll get paid for taking pictures of certain texts with your mobile phone.

Background of the company

If the job appears too good to be true, allow us to clarify: This job is indeed true, and it’s good for you as well.

For starters, the employer is a reliable one. Launched in 2006, TELUS is devoted to helping brands and businesses achieve excellent customer growth through innovative customer experiences and next-gen technology.

From its humble roots as a customer support center based in Manila, TELUS has achieved remarkable growth in fields like digital strategy, cloud services, customer analytics, and artificial intelligence. From this perspective, you can see that the participants in TELUS’ handwritten text study would be making valuable contributions to the company’s research. Down the line, the image files sent by the participants can be used in the development of sophisticated digital solutions.

Specifications of the project

To qualify for this project, you need to be at least 18 years old. You also have to reside in the U.S. and have the right to work in the country.

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The primary task is to use a particular line of mobile phones to take photos of handwritten texts. You can take pictures of existing texts (such as recipes and postcards) or craft entirely new texts with adherence to the guidelines of TELUS.

What kind of mobile phone is acceptable for this task? You need to use an iPhone to capture the images. Certain versions of the iPad can also work. (To see which iPhone and iPad models can be used in this endeavor, click here.) Plus, you will have to upload the images using a computer.

Each image you capture needs to be rendered into two formats: MOV and HEIC. You’ll get $175 if you can take 50 pairs of photos that meet TELUS’ standards. If you happen to have extra photos that are also satisfactory, you’ll get $3.50 per pair.

Ready to start snapping away? Click here to submit your application.

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