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Global Team, Exotic Vacations: This Marketing Company Offers So Much More Than Work-from-Home Jobs

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Would you like to work for a marketing company whose employees go on two retreats every year in places such as Lithuania, Sweden, and the Azores? If that sounds too good to be true…well, it isn’t.

Since its launch in 2005, MailerLite has expanded its global footprint, which, fortunately for its team members, means that they can consider Bali and Morocco retreat destinations. As a provider of marketing solutions, MailerLite is devoted to helping its international clients optimize their leads and boost their product sales.

Guess what? You could be the company’s next hire! 

Background of the company

Let’s consider the historical context for a second. 

Back in 2005, Facebook was only a year old, YouTube was just about to take off, and Twitter was not even a thing. With social media years away from its current power, digital marketers had to rely heavily on email. 

With this backdrop in place, MailerLite entered the scene. Though founders Eimantas Norkunas and Ignas Rubežius initially intended to create a web design agency, they soon discovered the power of email marketing. By 2010, they had fully embraced it as their primary product.

Over the next decade, MailerLite grew in more ways than one. A wide range of businesses came to trust its services, as did a huge number of freelancers. With over a million clients in place, MailerLite bolstered its workforce as well: The company currently has around 130 team members across 40 countries.

Thus, by joining MailerLite, you’ll become an asset to a global team with plenty of experience in the digital marketing arena.

What does MailerLite have to offer?

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As a MailerLite team member, you’ll be helping the company effectively deliver its four key services:

  • Sending emails. MailerLite helps businesses grow through excellent email marketing (which, if you couldn’t tell by now, happens to be its specialty). With MailerLite, emails can be automated, well-timed, and personalized.
  • Building websites. Let’s not forget that MailerLite started out as a web design venture. It can still lend a helping hand with boosting the visual appeal of company sites and blogs.
  • Collecting leads. MailerLite helps businesses get the job done with landing pages, signup forms, and email lists.
  • Selling products. The company is also pretty good at the eCommerce thing. Through MailerLite, businesses can easily integrate apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, and PayPal.

Of course, MailerLite expects you to work hard at your designated tasks. In turn, you can expect to enjoy the following perks:

  • Health insurance. In particular, full coverage is offered in more than 175 countries.
  • Parental benefits. If an employee welcomes a baby or adopts, they get a “welcome-baby budget” on top of the parental leave and monthly parental days they’re entitled to.
  • Paid time off. At MailerLite, you have 31 days off and 12 sick days, among other forms of leave. 

Oh, let’s not forget that MailerLite offers paid leisure trips and organizes in-person meetups in exotic locations twice a year!

Go ahead and check out the Jobs page of MailerLite’s website. (You know you want to.)

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