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A Single Click on This Google Ad Costs Nearly $700!

Who knew that clicks would one day be a currency?

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If you love riding your motorcycle down the wide open road, feeling the wind on your back and going as fast as you dare, there’s a chance that sooner or later, you’ll have an accident. In the event of a crash, you will probably want the number of a good attorney—and Google is your friend. If you search for “best motorcycle accident lawyer,” you’ll likely click on the first ad you see. 

That single click would come at a huge cost to the law firm that advertised its services. Depending on the city, the amount could be in the hundreds.

Google earns billions of dollars per year in ad revenue. How does its free search engine make so much money? 

It all comes down to the cost-per-clicks (CPCs) of certain keywords. As companies invest more money into digital advertising, some CPCs have skyrocketed. Law firms top the list of industries with the most expensive keywords in the United States, but other businesses are also shelling out big bucks to get your attention. The Fraud Blocker research team has compiled their CPC data into the graph below.

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