Which Companies Have the Highest Revenue Per Employee?

One industry has it particularly good.

stacks of coins with a rising graph

You may be familiar with the Walmart greeters and the smiley face emblazoned on the back of their blue vests, the Costco employees in their trademark red, and the CVS Pharmacy workers ready to ring up your snacks and meds with a grin. 

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All of the companies mentioned above rely on a large number of employees to keep the business going. Without their front-facing workers, they would likely fold. 

The amount of revenue per employee varies depending on how large or small a company’s workforce is. Those specializing in retail, like Walmart, require more workers, but technology companies such as Apple and Microsoft tend to keep theirs a bit more behind the scenes. Given that their employees don’t have to interact much with the public, these companies can maintain lower costs per head while still raking in that big tech money.

To see what that looks like numerically, take a peek at the data compiled by TitleMax in the graph below. Is there an industry with a particularly high revenue per employee that caught you off guard?


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