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Earn $1,000+ a Week in This Entry-Level Remote Job Where You Determine Your Hours

In this job, you’ll be lending your ears. Literally.

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If you know anything about transcription, then you’re aware that it requires one heck of a skill.

It’s one thing to rapidly type text that is right before your eyes and quite another to rapidly type text that is passing through your ears. Let’s get real here: Strong listening skills aren’t exactly common.

Now, if you’re blessed with sharp ears and quick fingers, you may very well be the applicant that LegalProofs is looking for.

This Florida-based company is in search of new team members with outstanding transcription skills. This is a remote freelance position, which affords you flexibility as far as your schedule goes.

Neat, eh?


Transcription is harder than it looks (or sounds). LegalProofs applies a clear set of criteria to determine who gets to join its ranks.

Let’s start with geography. You’ll be glad to know that the company will entertain applicants from all over the United States with the unfortunate exception of California and Massachusetts. (It’s the local legislation, people.) If you happen to live outside the U.S., LegalProofs will consider your application, too.

As far as equipment goes, you’ll be needing a computer or a laptop with MS Word (or an alternative like LibreOffice), as well as earphones and a reliable internet connection. Foot pedals, which provide some kinesthetic support to transcribers, are optional.

Though LegalProofs will consider applicants of all backgrounds and educational levels, what really matters is their performance in the exam. This assessment consists of 40 questions, a five-minute editing task, and a five-minute transcription task. 

A word to the wise: The complexity of the assessment, particularly the transcription, calls for the use of a computer. Attempting to complete it on your mobile phone is, well, unwise.

Lastly, there are actually two types of transcriptionists that LegalProofs is looking for. On the one hand, there’s the general transcriptionist, who boasts “a wide range of experience with transcribing files.” On the other hand, there’s the legal transcriptionist, who has a deeper knowledge when it comes to—you guessed it—legal files. Take note of these categories before you proceed with your application.

Duties and compensation

If you make it through the application process, congratulations! Do note, though, that you’ll first be placed on probationary status.

To remain in good standing, you need to deliver great numbers in terms of your word accuracy (around 97% to 98%). You also have to comply with strict deadlines, various style guides, and other specifications.

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Once you make it past probation, you can earn up to $30 per hour. That means you can potentially collect $1,000 or more in a week!

Moreover, it doesn’t stop there. If you work hard enough (and transcribe accurately enough), opportunities for career advancement will come your way sooner or later. Specifically, transcribers can be invited to join other teams, like quality assurance, production, or training. (Plus, legal transcriptionists can ascend to the rank of legal experts.)

If all these details are pleasing to your ear (pun fully intended), you can click here to get started on your application.

Ever heard of a great job opportunity? That’s what you have right here with LegalProofs. (Get it? Heard?)

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