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You Decide When and How Much You Work in This Online Job Offering Up to $75 per Hour

Today, you will learn about Learnt.

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The joy of teaching is a real thing. Whether you’re conducting face-to-face sessions or online classes, you experience the heady feeling of success when your students get to that eureka moment. They smile, you smile, and you all move to the next algebra problem.

Here’s something else that will make you beam: You don’t have to settle for intangible wins as an educator. There are opportunities out there that offer great compensation plus flexibility in terms of schedule and workload.

Time to introduce Learnt.

This online academic marketplace is looking for work-from-home tutors who are interested in lending kids a hand with their studies. If you want to have an enjoyable teaching experience that also happens to pay well, Learnt might just be the next stop in your professional journey.

Company background

Founded in 2016, Learnt offers top-notch tutorial services that include assistance with lessons, assignments, and exams. 

How does it ensure the quality of its services? Learnt has a comprehensive selection process that delves into the nitty-gritty of candidates’ capabilities. Applicants need to submit their standardized test scores and compilation of certificates, and they are also screened by interviewers and a vetting team.

With the convenience of its learners in mind, the company has designed its platform in such a way that students can find a tutor in a minute or less. Learnt also takes steps to match each student with a tutor who can provide optimum assistance. Students can browse profiles and send direct messages to tutors they’re interested in hiring.

Qualifications and compensation

What does it take to be a tutor for Learnt? For starters, you need to be eligible to work in the U.S.

Having a stellar academic background is one thing, but your chances of becoming a Learnt tutor will improve if you have adequate experience. Applicants with a background in teaching, tutoring, or coaching have a leg up on the competition. (Educating young people isn’t a walk in the park, you know.)

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It would also help if you are proficient at using a computer. Since you’ll be utilizing an online platform to conduct your tutoring sessions, you need to know how to work equipment like webcams and speakers. (You wouldn’t want your student to remind you to unmute yourself, right?)

As far as your compensation is concerned, you have the flexibility to set your own hourly rate. On average, you can expect to earn somewhere between $20 and $75 per hour.

In addition, you’re free to set your schedule and availability. Through the Learnt platform, students can view your calendar to find out when to book sessions with you. Of course, the more effective your tutoring, the more likely that your students will seek you out for subsequent sessions.

If you’re ready to be the best tutor you can be, click here to submit your application to Learnt. Snatch this great opportunity to delight in some nice pay and the joy of teaching. (They go well together. Trust us.)

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