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Want to Be a Mystery Shopper? This App Will Make It Happen

A bunch of freebies awaits you!

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Remember the last time you were at the grocery store? Here’s the thing: A mystery shopper may have been lurking there the entire time.

No, we’re not pulling your leg. As early as the 1940s, different establishments used undercover assets for research and security purposes. Let’s put it this way: If the employees of a supermarket know the date and time of an inspection, they might put on a show of diligence and commitment to quality service. However, if they aren’t aware that an inspection is under way, their authentic workplace behavior can be properly evaluated.

The role of a mystery shopper certainly sounds intriguing. Guess what? You can become one in the very near future!

By signing up for Mobee, you can slip into the role of undercover agent making the rounds at local businesses. Using the Mobee app, you’ll take on missions and earn rewards for your investigative work.

More on Mobee

So, who could have come up with this mystery shopper app? Why, none other than a mystery shopper himself!

Prahar Shah, an MIT grad, made some rounds as a clandestine evaluator. On top of that, he held the more official title of merchandising auditor for Kraft. Thanks to his overt and covert work, Shah got the idea of creating a digital platform to bring together a merry band of mystery shoppers.

Along with his partner Thibault Le Conte (who once worked for Anetys as a Citrix engineer), Shah launched the Mobee app in 2012. Right away, their venture went for the big names: Mystery shopping missions in Dunkin’, Starbucks, and Subway were organized in the Boston area.

“We’re collecting that data and then presenting it to Dunkin’ [and others],” Shah said in a 2012 interview for TechCrunch. “We know what stores of [theirs] are lowest in terms of service or lowest in terms of customer satisfaction. That’s part of the strategy.”

In exchange for their undercover work, mystery shoppers were given some delectable rewards. We mean that quite literally since those included free coffee and other perks in the very establishments they were evaluating. Sweet, right?

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Mobee’s market value grew to the point when the company became a highly desirable acquisition target. In 2017, Mobee merged with Quad Analytix, another retail technology firm, to form Wiser Solutions. Thanks in large part to the valuable research and insights generated by Mobee, over 500 brands across the globe have leaned on Wiser Solutions for their retail analytics.

Whether you want to contribute to field research or simply want a free cup of joe, the Mobee app is definitely worth checking out. So, how do you sign up to be a mystery shopper for this platform?

How to become an asset for Mobee

To unlock your Mobee perks, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Download the Mobee app. You’ll find this in the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Find a mission in your vicinity. The Mobee app will show you nearby establishments where you can conduct data-gathering missions.
  3. Carry out your mission. You may be asked to check product displays, inspect store cleanliness, gauge customer service, or do other tasks related to quality inspection. Heads up: You may have to take pictures to show evidence of your undercover work.
  4. Enjoy your rewards! For each mission you complete, you’ll earn rewards points. Use these to receive a gift card or make a donation to a charitable cause.

Ready to begin your mystery shopping adventure? Click here to get started with Mobee!

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