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This Company Needs Talented Writers with a Passion for Comics

What’s the geek in you telling you?

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Here’s the thing: Comic books are good for you. In fact, they are so good that they’ve played a huge part in the lives of entire generations. Comic strips can even turn reluctant readers into bookworms.

When graphic novels emerged in the 1930s, they took the world by storm. As with many inventions during the Great Depression, they were meant to last. Nearly a century later, comic books are still killing it, only this time around, they’re being adapted into fantastic animated and feature films that win Oscars.

Perhaps you’re an avid comic book or superhero movie fan. We are right there with ya! Did you know that all those sleepless nights spent binge-watching Marvel movies could finally pay off? It will all depend on how passionate you really are about comics and on your writing skills. 

There is no catch. Comic Book Resources (CBR) is looking to hire talented writers with a passion for comics.  

More on CBR

CBR is a comic book culture website founded in 1995 by Jonah Weiland. The goal was to provide entertainment news and facts to all comic book lovers and superhero movie buffs out there. 

It all began with the message board Weiland created for DC Comics fans at the time. However, what started as a community where members could talk and exchange information about their favorite characters quickly became the go-to source for all things comics and pop culture.

The multiple award-winning platform was an instant success. Two decades later, it has over 60 million readers and an army of followers on its social media pages, not to mention over 75,000 members on the CBR community forums. 

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Luckily, CBR is always looking for talented and passionate comic book lovers to join its team. 

What does the job entail?

Working as a comics writer for CBR, you’ll be a part of a dynamic team of professionals who are always up for some fun. Whether you want to work remotely or on an as-needed basis, you can choose from a variety of projects to write for, including reviews, list features, and news. One of the best parts about this job is that you get to show up at conventions and events and even interview some of your favorite creators. 

There are tons of reasons why CBR should be your next big gig. For instance, there’s room to grow, so you might become the CBR lead news editor one day. Moreover, you get to pitch ideas, meaning your voice will be heard. It’s also fun, and you get paid for what you love to do. 

Now you have the chance to finally turn your love for comics and nerd culture into a rewarding career. If you’re ready to embark on that journey, CBR may be just the place to start. Go ahead and apply here to join the team!

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