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The World’s Most Exclusive Submarine

Does going underwater mean going over budget?

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The deep sea has a mystique unlike any other. So many questions can only be answered by exploring the remotest areas of our oceans.

Does Atlantis exist? (And if so, is Amber Heard lurking there?) How many treasure ships have sunk to the very bottom? Can anyone ever find the true location of Nemo?

Guess what: You don’t have to pretend to be in a Pixar movie any longer. There is a way for you to go sightseeing in the depths of the ocean.

For a price, of course. One that’s steeper than the Mariana Trench. (Just ask James Cameron. He’ll tell you.)

Deep into the oceans…and your pockets

If you have $2.7 million to spare, you can take in the vastness of the ocean as you sit comfortably within the beautiful U-Boat Worx C-Researcher. (Granted, not the catchiest name.)

You are perhaps wondering why this underwater vehicle costs two chests of pirate doubloons. Listen, it’s not called a “luxury private submarine” for nothing. For starters, the C-Researcher can take you, your pilot, and a slightly panicky friend to depths of 5,577 feet. 

Moreover, the vessel can stay submerged for a maximum of 16 hours. (Think of how many times you can watch Titanic on a loop during that time!) This is because, compared to traditional submarines, the C-Researcher has some mighty powerful batteries. Living up to its name, it enables researchers to undertake lengthy missions without having to worry about a power outage.

Now, even if you’re not a nautical scientist or a deep sea researcher, you’ll get the chance to feel like you’re a capable pilot operating the vessel. Like other submersibles offered by U-Boat Worx, the C-Researcher comes with a top-notch pilot training course so you can practice the basics of underwater maneuvering. This is a perfect complement to the control mechanism of the submarine, which is described as an “intuitive interface.”

Don’t get too excited, though: your trained pilot will still be supervising you to make sure you push the right buttons!

Safety still matters

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Of course, the C-Researcher has features to ensure that it doesn’t precariously plunge into the abyss. (Which may or may not look like this abyss.) 

There’s its Maximum Depth Protection, which immediately raises the submarine if it goes any deeper than it should. The vessel also has a safety buoy that sends signals to the mothership, a deadman’s switch that comes into play when the pilot somehow loses control of the sub, and a large lead weight for buoyancy in emergency situations.

Plus, the sub is equipped with 96-hour life support that includes carbon dioxide scrubbers and oxygen supply because no matter what you do, you’ll never be Jason Momoa.

The reality, of course, is that you’d need to play the lead role in Aquaman to afford this kind of experience. Until you get cast in the sequel, you’ll have to get your underwater fix at the nearest public aquarium.

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