This Site Will Help You Earn Money by Selling Your Hair

Cash in on those luscious locks!

woman with long healthy hair

This is no lie: There is an international market for buying and selling hair.

Before you start thinking about hoarders who simply love collecting tufts of hair for the heck of it, you need to understand that hair can serve multiple purposes. From aesthetic enhancements to environmental solutions, it has many applications.

As a matter of fact, several online platforms have become a venue for hair-related transactions. Across the web, thousands of dollars change hands every month as a result of hair purchases.

Right now, you may be caressing your silky locks and wondering if you could make a few bucks from them. Great news: You certainly can, thanks to this trusted site we’ve found.

You can earn money by putting your hair up for sale on HairSellon, a popular platform for buyers and sellers alike. It may sound too good to be true, but true it is: This site will help you generate extra income without special skills or lofty credentials. At HairSellon, all you need is a willingness to part with your mane.

More on HairSellon

Long before HairSellon became a thing in the online realm, the business of selling hair was thriving worldwide. 

A 2016 Smithsonian Magazine piece featured multiple anecdotes of hair being collected from places such as Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and China in the 19th century. This is all the more impressive when you consider that there was no internet to facilitate distribution and buyer-seller transactions. Even back then, smart business people knew the value of hair and did their best to maintain a steady supply.

What’s all the fuss about hair, anyway? Supply and demand appear to be working harmoniously here: There are people keen on earning money for their locks, and there are people who want to put on hair pieces and wigs so that they can feel better about themselves. According to Smithsonian Magazine, this economic paradigm existed in the 1800s (and perhaps even earlier). 

The model endures to this day, and you’d probably be interested to learn how hair economics has evolved. The film industry has now become a steady buyer of this commodity as many movie productions require hair pieces and wigs for the actors. Isn’t it nice to imagine your favorite A-lister one day wearing the splendid tresses that you provided?

If the allure of Hollywood doesn’t cut it for you, perhaps environmental impact will. A 2022 CNN report detailed how human hair has been used to clean up oil spills on both land and sea. (Remember the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? Thousands of mats and tubes made of hair were used in the clean-up.)

In short, hair is extremely useful and pretty valuable. Now, are you ready to chip in?

How do you make money on HairSellon?

The procedure to follow on this site is quite straightforward. If you’re interested in selling your hair, the first step is to sign up for a free account.

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Once your account is activated, log in and click “Post an ad” in the top right corner of your screen. Follow the instructions to create an advertisement for the hair you’d like to sell.

Take note that your ad will feature the characteristics of your hair. These details will give prospective buyers a clear idea of what they’ll be getting from this transaction. Specifically, your ad will include the following hair qualities:

  • Length: HairSellon prefers hair strands that are over five inches long (though there is a category for transactions involving hair that’s under five inches). You can also sell hair that’s over 30 inches long.
  • Thickness: You can also indicate how thick (or thin) the hair you supply will be. Whether the buyer is purchasing it for aesthetic or pragmatic purposes, specifying the thickness can be really helpful.
  • Color: People involved in film productions might be looking for red or blonde locks for their next superhero flick. Brown, chestnut, or auburn hair may also be in demand for certain characters. In short, hair color matters!

Heed this: Do not cut your hair before you receive the buyer’s payment! The HairSellon platform exclusively uses PayPal, so disregard proposed transactions that involve other payment channels, such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

For more details on HairSellon transactions, click here. If you’re itching to set up your account, head over here.

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