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Love Poetry and Fiction? Join This Writing Team That Produces Exceptional Literature Guides

Embrace your inner nerd and get paid for it!

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Back in high school, we all had that one friend we could count on for literature assignments.

You know, that good-natured bookworm who could sum up Animal Farm with such eloquence that you felt the urge to sprint to the school library and check out the book again. This person would shatter a dozen myths about Romeo and Juliet and, for good measure, explain all the ways in which The Hobbit differed from its film adaptation.

Did you happen to be that bookworm? In all likelihood, you had to endure ridicule from some peers for your brand of geekiness. At times, you might have even been ashamed to speak up in class, even if you had the sharpest insights in the room.

Well, forget about those jeers because a thrilling job opportunity is calling out to you at this very moment.

You’ll find that job at LitCharts, an online platform for students, teachers, and all manner of avid readers. As a freelance writer for LitCharts, you can make quite a profit from your analytical mind and literary taste.

More on LitCharts

If your mind raced immediately to CliffsNotes, we don’t blame you. LitCharts operates in the same niche as that beloved brand, but it brings something different to the table.

The story of LitCharts began in the early 2000s, when Ben Florman and Justin Kestler were earning their stripes as editors at SparkNotes. These two Harvard graduates would help the upstart platform attract millions of online users.

After a while, though, the pair decided to shake things up in terms of how they presented literature guides. Industry giant CliffsNotes (which had a head start of…let’s see…50 years) had popularized a long-form style of analysis that didn’t skimp on paragraph length.

When Florman and Kestler launched LitCharts in 2008, they didn’t have particularly high expectations about its online presence. As it turned out, online users embraced the bulleted lists and downloadable formats offered by LitCharts. The site’s traffic grew, Florman and Kestler realized what they’d done, and the rest was history.

Currently, the LitCharts website offers 1,680 literature guides perused by more than 50 million educators, learners, and parents. As huge as this platform has gotten since its inception, it can use some more characters in the fray.

What do you need to know about the writing job?

If you’re interested in joining a team of New York Times reporters, PhD candidates, and book award finalists, by all means, go for it!

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You’ll need to submit a resume along with two writing samples to [email protected]. What samples should you send? That would be academic papers that carefully dissect literary pieces and trigger a vigorous intellectual discussion. Take note that each paper should be at least five pages long.

The job of writing literature guides for LitCharts is a remote work arrangement, but you have to be authorized to work full-time in the U.S. In addition, you need to be able to write at least one literature guide per month, which means you have to devote anywhere from 10 to 15 hours every week to the job.

Your financial compensation will depend on the complexity of your literature guide, so make sure that you strike that fine balance between quantity and quality.

Ready to give it a go? Polish your resume and proudly submit your dazzling work. If you haven’t figured it out by now, LitCharts only accepts writers whose passion radiates from every word. Bring it on, bookworm!

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