Does Having Your Resume Professionally Edited Increase Your Income?

Do you find it hard to land a job? Your resume may be to blame.

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Do you remember getting your first job? That awesome feeling of starting a new adventure, even if it was only delivering papers or flipping burgers. There’s a good chance you landed it through a colleague or a family friend. As you grow older, though, life gets more complicated, and securing the right job becomes more important.

Self-writing a great resume can be difficult for many reasons, the main one being that most people just don’t know how to do it. You might think all there is to whipping up a resume is listing your job experiences, the duration of your employment in various roles, and your responsibilities in each. However, you would be wrong. Being able to create an impressive resume takes experience and knowledge. 

How many movies have you seen where a company has a “new-age” philosophy? The break room has a ping-pong table, and the boss wears his long hair in a ponytail and does yoga in the office. It isn’t all that far from the truth. Today, companies are looking for more than just a list of things you have done. They want people who think outside the box and leaders that will expand their businesses. 

Professional resume writers get you noticed

Professional resume writers know what it takes to get your resume over all the hurdles they come up against, from applying online to what recruiters and companies are looking for when they read a resume. 

The world is becoming so digitized nowadays that even your resume is read by a program before human eyes see it. So, how do you get past the robots to reach the humans? Keywords. Creating a resume with keywords will help endear you to the digital gatekeepers and move you forward to the interview process. 

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Making sure your resume is balanced is the next step in the process. Potential employers don’t want to wade through a laundry list of your job history; they want to see a narrative of your career path. This needs a clear and balanced presentation, including proof of your capabilities.

Will a professionally written resume get you more money?

In the past, there was very little data to show if professionally written resumes impacted a person’s starting salary or helped them get promotions, but recent studies have shown they do. In fact, according to one of them, people with professionally written resumes earn 7% more than those with self-written ones. 

Aside from revealing the bump in earnings, the study also established that the rate of finding jobs through recruiters and online was 32% higher, with 68% of candidates getting hired within 90 days of procuring a professionally written resume. What’s even more impressive is that 42% of candidates ended up in a higher position.

As they say, “The proof is in the pudding,” and this pudding shows that having a professional write up and edit your resume will increase your chances of securing a job and getting a better salary and position.

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