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Is Your Money Safe? Discover the Biggest Credit Card Heists in the World

Some of these thieves have caused billions of dollars in damages.

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You’re sitting at your desk on the last day of the month, paying your bills. Rent, electricity, and cell phone seem to be in order, but when you go to pay your credit card bill, your eyes pop out.

You don’t remember buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of Visa gift cards, but there it is under your name, plain as day. You frantically scan your recent purchases while putting your credit card company on speakerphone. You never thought it would happen to you, but some random person is racking up unauthorized charges on your card.

If you haven’t had it that bad, consider yourself lucky. According to this infographic from financial services company Monex Group, 11.1 million Americans fall victim to credit fraud annually—and it can get much worse than a handful of gift cards. Whether you’re an A-list celebrity or an average Joe trying to buy a Big Gulp from the 7-11 down the road, it can happen to you, too.

Check below for a list of the biggest credit card heists in history and see which state wins the prize for the highest number of fraud complaints.

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