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How Many Hours of Work Does It Take to Afford Rent in Each U.S. State?

Your state might have a higher cost of living than you realize.

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Inflation is hitting Americans hard, and it’s pretty clear that the United States is more expensive to live in than ever before. People are clipping coupons, taking in roommates or moving back with family, and exchanging their cars for bicycles. This is due in large part to the number of hours you need to work to afford basic rent and services. 

According to data collected by Zillow and the Federal Reserve, in some states, you need to work over a hundred hours at the local minimum wage merely to afford a one-bedroom apartment! It’s becoming increasingly necessary to line up a second or third job to even things out. 

Check out the difference between how many hours it takes at the minimum wage versus the average wage to make rent, state by state.

US map with hours of work to afford a bedroom rate by state

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