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Want to Monetize Your Knowledge? This Online Tutoring Platform Is Your Best Bet

Ready to leverage an online marketplace to boost your teaching career?

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Nowadays, there are countless ways to monetize your knowledge, and most don’t even require you to leave your house. Thanks to digital technologies and online jobs, a teacher can make money from the comfort of their couch. 

If you’re new to remote teaching, this online tutoring platform will help you kickstart your online career and earn up to $63 an hour. How does that sound? 

About Wyzant

Established in 2005, Wyzant is an online tutoring platform that hires U.S. residents to instruct children and adults in more than 300 subjects. The lessons can be conducted in person and online via real-time video chat. There are no set minimum hours, and the class consists of a single student. 

The best part about Wyzant is the high pay rate, which starts at $35 per hour and goes up to $63 per hour. Moreover, teachers are not required to have a TOEFL or a TESOL certificate or any kind of diploma, nor do they have to sit for interviews or make teaching demos. Other advantages are the freedom to choose your pay rate, materials, cancelation policy, teaching method, schedules, and even the lesson duration.  

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there is a catch. The platform charges instructors a 25% commission, and it may take some time to get bookings. Teachers also have to compete with each other and self-promote to attract students. This means there’s no guarantee you will have students to teach every day. You also need to be wary of fake student profiles created by scammers. 

How does Wyzant work?

Becoming a tutor on Wyzant is very easy. The only requirements are U.S. residency, a social security number, and age (you must be at least 18 years old). 

To apply, you need to register using your personal information, education details, and address. Then comes the Wyzant application form with a few questions, such as the type of students you prefer to tutor, the subjects, and your years of experience.

It takes about 10 days for your application to be approved, depending on volume. You must also pass a proficiency test in the subject you want to teach. The quiz consists of 8-20 multiple-choice questions and takes 30 minutes to complete—be warned that you only have one attempt at it!

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Over 80,000 tutors currently teach on the platform, instructing in over 300 subjects, popular ones being mathematics, English, science, language, music, computers, and business.  

Moreover, there is the Wyzant app that helps instantly connect students with teachers for in-person and online tutoring.

Getting paid on Wyzant

Wyzant tutors set their own rates. Some charge as little as $10 an hour, and some make as much as $1,000 an hour! Most charge between $35 and $65 per hour, which is a great way to make some money on the side. However, don’t forget that the platform deducts 25% from a teacher’s paycheck. In cases where tutors refer students to the platform, they collect 100% of their pay.  

Does this tutoring platform tick all your boxes? Then go ahead and apply here. Remember: The more hours you put in and the higher your rating, the better your chances of securing Wyzant instant book requests!

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