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With This Work-from-Home Job, Spread the Good Word About a Spectacular Holiday Experience

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin…via email.

Christmas tree with sparkling lights

Think of the biggest Christmas party you’ve ever hosted at home. You may have had your hands full with half a dozen folks walking through the door. When the number ballooned to a dozen or more, you probably felt like it was holiday havoc.

Well, try multiplying that number by, say, a million. A bit much for your humble residence?

Leave it up to Enchant then! 

One of the hottest live entertainment concepts in the world today, Enchant is looking for dedicated individuals who will help spread the word about its upcoming bonanzas. We’re talking about spectacular light displays, massive Christmas trees, and festive surroundings in nine locations across the U.S.

When we say spread the word, we mean that quite literally—Enchant is hiring a digital marketing specialist who can work in a remote setup.

The story of Enchant

How did this magnificent holiday concept start? Enchant’s story began in the late 2000s, when teenagers Kevin Johnston and Cam Walker generated buzz for helping several Vancouver households with their Christmas decor.

No, they didn’t just climb a ladder and screw in a few bulbs. Johnston and Walker wowed their neighbors with their creative Christmas light designs. What started as a kind gesture for a few folks next door turned out to be a nice little business for the two gentlemen.

A few years later, the concept of their holiday gig would get a huge boost when Walker’s wife, Nicole, floated the idea of a light maze. Intrigued by it, Johnston—a talented engineer—decided to take on the challenge of bringing it to life. Aided by a team that could help execute the vision, he started building a huge outdoor light maze that could be enjoyed by groups of people, akin to the theme park experience.

In 2016, Johnston launched Enchant in Vancouver, and 230,000 guests braved the harsh December weather to experience the one-of-a-kind spectacle. In the ensuing years, Enchant would spread to a number of U.S. cities, including Las Vegas, San Jose, Nashville, Scottsdale, and Washington, D.C.

To think this started with two teenage boys just being good neighbors! More than a decade after their kind gesture, Enchant has become a widely sought-after holiday experience in North America.

What responsibilities will I have?

Of course, Enchant would not have gotten to this point if it hadn’t been for effective marketing. That’s where you now come in.

To help with Enchant’s expansion, the digital marketing specialist will work with two primary distribution channels: website content and email. Specifically, they have to carry out these responsibilities:

  • Regularly update content on the websites to keep netizens informed about the latest details regarding Enchant
  • Maintain content calendars to ensure the strategic publication of content within a certain time frame
  • Optimize the email database to disseminate personalized messages to prospective guests
  • Coordinate with personnel in charge of other marketing aspects (such as customer service and sponsorship) in order to synchronize the information disseminated across all channels
  • Work on lead generation and email campaigns to drive an even bigger marketing push 

What qualifications do I need?

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Enchant is looking for professionals with three to five years of experience in web and email marketing.

Applicants have a better chance of getting hired if they are adept at the following:

  • CMS platforms like WordPress
  • Email platforms like MailChimp
  • Email campaigns
  • Google Analytics

In turn, Enchant offers a competitive salary (in the range of $3,047 to $5,836 a month) along with some nice perks. These include flexible working hours, equipment delivered to your home, and considerate policies with regard to time off.

Ready to light up the Christmas season? Click here to get your application started. With your expertise in marketing, you can let hundreds of families know about a holiday experience that is absolutely enchanting (of course)!

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