Nestlé Is Much, Much Bigger Than You Ever Imagined

It’s not just Kit Kats and Nescafé.

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We tend to become loyal to a brand. Maybe your cat only eats Fancy Feast, and you wouldn’t dream of feeding it Friskies, but did you know that Purina, the company behind both products, is under the Nestlé umbrella? 

When you think of Nestlé, your mind likely conjures up images of chocolate bars or instant coffee. Yet, when you’re wandering through the aisles of a grocery store trying to choose between three or four different products, chances are that they’re all owned by Nestlé. This food giant has acquired so many different companies that it would be impossible to remember all the brands it owns. If you squint at the label of your baby formula or frozen dinner, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the familiar red and white logo. 

Check out the infographic below for an idea of Nestlé’s ginormous reach. How many brands can you count?

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