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How Little Do Musicians Make from Each Spotify Stream?

Maybe it’s time to bring back vinyl…

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Gone are the days of shushing your family in the car so that you can record a song off the radio. You now make a playlist for your crush rather than a mixtape. 

If you love rocking out to your favorite songs, you likely have a preferred music streaming platform. Many music apps and websites are free or charge a low cost for subscriptions, but have you ever wondered how much musicians make every time you hit play? 

The answer is likely less than you think. Looking at the numbers, it’s hard to fathom how musicians make any money at all from streaming. If an artist hasn’t reached the giddy heights of fame enjoyed by Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, they can often feel the low streaming rate on their pocketbooks. 

For those curious about the numbers, Digital Music News has compiled the exact streaming payouts per platform in the infographic below.

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