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Is It a Boat? An Apartment? A Motorhome? In Any Case, It’s Expensive

When in doubt, just call it pricey.

water trail left by boat

Different people have different dream vacations in mind. For some, it’s a scintillating adventure out on the open sea. For others, it’s a quiet time in a serene home environment.

What if you could have both at the same time?

That’s the luxury you get when you purchase the Arkup Livable Yacht. To be clear, this thing does not look like a typical yacht. The rectangular shape can throw you off, leaving you confused as to what category it belongs to. Is it a boat with an identity crisis? A disembodied apartment? A giant floating Lego set?

Here’s a description that is beyond dispute: expensive. The prototype of the Livable Yacht (Arkup 75, which was unveiled in 2019) costs between $3.5 million and $5.5 million. 

Why the yacht is…well, livable

Feeling nauseous? That’s the price of the extreme level of comfort the Arkup 75 provides. Measuring 75 ft in length and consisting of 4,350 sq ft of living space, the Arkup 75 is a magnificent place to call home while you’re cruising along a coastal area, a river, or a lake.

By “home,” we mean half a dozen en-suite bedrooms (doesn’t “en-suite” sound fancy?), enough bathrooms to preclude morning arguments, and a fully furnished indoor kitchen. However, we’re not sure if you’ll feel at home with the tall glass windows around the Arkup’s body. (Surely these things have heavy-duty curtains for privacy?)

Here are some more amenities: an integrated living area and office space (because, you know, you might miss your 9-to-5), laundry facilities (don’t you dare leave those dirty clothes unwashed!), and some nice balconies (you’re not just going to stay inside and play video games, are you?).

Here’s something your typical house doesn’t have: an adjustable sun deck that, when properly immersed, gives you an instant sea pool. Tired of the chlorine-laced water at your local club? Take a dip into the very waters the Arkup 75 is cruising through! (Just don’t drop your phone into the sea. You might not be as lucky as this dude.)

One more distinction for this one-of-a-kind vessel

If you still feel like the hefty price tag is unacceptable, perhaps you’ll brighten up when you hear that the Arkup 75 runs on sustainable technology.

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For one, its massive roof collects rainwater, which is stored and subsequently treated to procure a supply of fresh water for those onboard. In addition, the roof is equipped with 36 kW solar panels that generate green energy.

Since the Arkup is powered entirely by solar-generated electricity, it has zero emissions. Say what you will about the lavish features of this vessel, but you can’t deny that it’s doing its part for the environment.

Hopefully, more sea vehicles—indeed, more vehicles in general—will follow the Arkup’s lead in terms of clean energy.

Any chance they’d cost less than a fortune? Fingers crossed!
For now, you’ll have to make do with the smaller Arkup 40. It’ll only cost you…let’s see…half a million.

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