Buying a Home May Be Easier Than You Think: The Myths of Home Buying vs. the Reality

Imagine no more landlords painting over your electrical outlets!

house key in keyhole

If you’re tired of dealing with shared laundry units, unexpected rent hikes, and that annoying neighbor in the apartment above who blasts early 2000s pop punk while you’re trying to get some shut-eye, you probably fantasize about what it must be like to have your own home.

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You sigh, roll over, and bury your head under the pillow to block out the sound of distorted electric guitars and wailing vocals. You feel deflated. You’re single, your credit score is mediocre, and you’re barely scraping by as it is. You’ll never be able to afford a mortgage.

Or will you?

Many Americans are taught that buying a home is both the pinnacle of adulthood and something exceedingly difficult to achieve. Think about it, though: A mortgage is often cheaper than rent, and it’s still a buyer’s market. If you acquire property, you’re not only investing in your own future but also in your family’s future. That sounds a heck of a lot better than another night of losing sleep!  

TitleMax has compiled data from sources such as Zillow to debunk some common myths and misconceptions about home buying. More than likely, it’s not too late for you to take the leap.

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