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You have decided to invest, but choosing where can be overwhelming, right? However, making this choice is the first and most important step. 

The internet is bursting with investment websites. Before you decide on the right one for you, you need to think about the aspects that are key to you as an investor.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to investment websites, Domain Money makes investing as easy as pie. 

What is Domain Money?

New stock market investors typically receive guidance from professionals. Since cryptocurrencies are a niche that few venture into, crypto investors are often left in the dark, mostly forced to learn everything themselves by conducting research. 

This is where Domain Money comes in handy. It is a stock and cryptocurrency investment platform helping novice crypto investors start out right. It is also used by passive investors looking for long-term crypto holdings and anyone wanting an actively managed portfolio. 

You don’t need to have any experience in the crypto market to invest with Domain Money. Part of the deal when investing with this platform is getting help from a team of industry experts who have worked for the likes of Goldman Sachs and Bridgewater Associates and are thoroughly familiar with the financial markets.

Is Domain Money safe?

Potential investors put their money in cryptocurrency portfolios that are professionally managed by Domain Money Advisors LLC. A wholly owned subsidiary of Domain Money Inc, this entity is an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

When investing with Domain Money, you are insured by the SIPC, and the FDIC insures the cash you hold in your account. In other words, your money is safe

How does it work?

Domain Money offers investors four managed portfolios. Depending on the type you choose, you can invest as little as $100 in managed strategies. The minimum for a self-directed account is $5.

Once you select the managed portfolio that best aligns with your investing goals and risk tolerance, you can fund your account and let the investing professionals do the hard work for you.

At Domain Money, you can either invest in multiple strategies at once or in individual stocks.  

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These are the actively managed strategies you can invest in:

  • Domain Edge: This “aggressive portfolio” is fully comprised of cryptocurrencies.
  • Domain Metaverse: This one is best for those looking to invest in the metaverse.
  • Domain Balanced: This portfolio is a 50/50 split between stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  • Domain Access: Deemed the “conservative” strategy, it combines stocks and cryptocurrencies in an 80/20 ratio.

Pros and cons of using Domain Money

Some of the pros of using Domain Money include: 

  • Low barrier to entry: You can put as little as $100 in managed portfolios.
  • No lock-in periods: You can change your investment or withdraw your assets at any time without paying a fine.
  • Self-directed account at $5 minimum.

The downside of using Domain Money is its 1% annual charge for managed accounts, which means you’ll pay $1 for every $100 in your portfolio. It won’t set you back a lot, but it’s something you should take into consideration when making your decision.

Finally, you can download the Domain Money app available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and keep your investments close.

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