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Got Top-Tier Teaching Skills? Enjoy Flexible Working Hours at This Edtech Platform

Your algebra teaching skills will definitely pay off.

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Not that long ago, overhead projectors were cutting-edge technology in the field of education. These days, teachers are arguing over the best digital apps for giving a pop quiz. (Is it Kahoot? Or Quizziz? Wait, I swear it’s Gimkit!)

While it can be tricky to master these innovations at first, the evolution of educational technology (edtech) bodes well for teachers everywhere. One clear advantage is the plethora of opportunities for educators to exercise their profession. Forget geographic and logistic limitations: In the 21st century, two individuals with an internet connection can constitute a classroom set-up.

Are you a qualified teacher determined to capitalize on the growth of edtech? If you’re looking for a great income-generating platform that makes the most of your pedagogical skills, Skooli is the place to be.

Described as a “dynamic online tutoring space,” Skooli connects you with learners who need assistance with difficult lessons and assignments. If you’ve got the proper credentials and are committed to improving student performance, you definitely need to check out the Skooli platform.

More on Skooli

Skooli was founded in 2014 by Dave and Rene Frey. Here’s what you have to understand about the Frey brothers: To say that education is in their blood would be a massive understatement! Raised by an elementary school teacher and a college professor, the siblings placed a premium on education from an early age. 

Aside from this family heritage, Dave points to one life-changing experience that convinced him of the importance of education. In a 2015 interview for Canadian website, he shared the following, “In high school, I had this amazing teacher who organized a volunteer trip in Egypt where we worked with local orphanages and sports clubs. It was an inspiring trip and showed me how a committed teacher can make an impact that lasts a lifetime.”

In the case of both brothers, this impact manifested in a powerful drive to establish companies that facilitate teaching and learning experiences. In 2003, Dave co-founded Teach Away, which assists schools in recruiting high-caliber teachers from all over the globe. Eight years later, Dave helped launch Learnkit, an online platform that offers professional development and teacher certification courses (in addition to student-oriented services). Since 2011, Rene has served as director of the Learnkit enterprise.

In 2014, the brothers teamed up to establish Skooli, which focuses on learners at the K-12 and college levels. At Skooli, students are given the guarantee that they’ll be able to “find a tutor online anytime, anywhere.” This is made possible by the international profile of Skooli’s tutors, as well as the wonders of broadband connection.

What subjects does Skooli offer?

One look at the catalog of Skooli subjects will explain the 24/7 demand for tutorial services. The platform offers assistance in the following:

  • Mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus)
  • English (literature, grammar, reading, writing, ESL, and business English)
  • Science (physics, chemistry, and biology)
  • Business (economics, accounting, marketing, and finance)
  • Foreign languages (Spanish, French, and Chinese)

That’s plenty of ground to cover, but Skooli has made it work for nearly a decade. As a matter of fact, the exemplary services it provides have been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Financial Post, and EdSurge.

Are you up to teaching any of the subjects mentioned above? If you are, then you need to take note of Skooli’s screening process.

What are the necessary qualifications?

Skooli applicants need to have a bachelor’s degree, but they certainly gain an advantage if they have finished a master’s or a doctorate program. (Skooli may also require applicants to present proof of a teaching license or a special certification.)

Applicants have to be proficient in English (both in terms of oral and written language), and they should be able to clear a national-level criminal background check that covers the last six months.

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Those who pass the initial screening will then be asked to participate in a video interview (which includes, among other things, questions related to teaching practices). If you ace this interview and encounter no major issues with your submissions, you can start taking on tutorial assignments at Skooli!

As you begin your journey on the platform, you’ll be given the chance to watch tutorial videos and experience the Skooli digital classroom. You will then be asked to set your working hours and put the finishing touches on your profile (which should effectively present your credentials and skill set to prospective students). 

Your hourly rate will be determined by your academic and professional background. At present, Skooli sends payments exclusively through PayPal.

Ready to deploy your teaching skills in the digital space? Click here to get started on your Skooli application!

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