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Great with Words? This Financial Advice Platform Is Looking for a Copy Editor

Money matters, and so does grammar.

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Look around the internet right now, and you’ll find plenty of content related to financial growth. To the surprise of absolutely no one, money matters make for great reading material among online users.

These days, anyone with an internet connection can readily access a vast body of information on financial topics. All around the world, people are realizing the advantages of being equipped with knowledge on this subject, and content creators are making good money by writing about money. 

You know what comes next, right? When a piece of content is written, it has to be edited. With the demand for financial insights generating plenty of writing jobs, editors have become greatly sought-after as well.

Are you seeking an editing job in this particular niche? If so, we’ve found a great site for you to check out!

NerdWallet, a financial services platform, is looking to hire a copy editor to work with its dynamic team of writers. If grammar and style happen to be your strong suit, you need to take a long, serious look at this job.

More on NerdWallet

Back in 2008, Tim Chen must have taken a long, serious look in the mirror many times.

During the Christmas season of that year, Chen found out that he would be laid off. After receiving the dreadful news, the Stanford graduate had to go back to the drawing board and figure out his next steps.

In the midst of his soul-searching, his sister emailed him with a credit card inquiry. Having worked in the financial industry for years, Chen prepared a comprehensive spreadsheet that showed the pros and cons of different credit cards. While creating this spreadsheet, Chen noted how the information he needed wasn’t readily available with a quick Google search.

That spreadsheet turned out to be incredibly useful as it went into circulation among his family and friends. Encouraged by this development, Chen decided to create an online platform that would provide clear, accessible advice on financial matters. In 2009, he went all in on his new venture, which he called NerdWallet.

After a rough first year, the site finally picked up some serious steam. During a stretch in 2010, its revenue was tripling from one month to the next. The momentum kept building up, and by 2015, NerdWallet had raised around $105 million in funding.

At present, NerdWallet offers a ton of content on banking, credit cards, insurance, mortgages, taxes, and various areas of financial planning. As helpful as the platform is to online users, the company has proven to be a great workplace as well. We mean that quite literally—NerdWallet has been recognized by sites like Great Place to Work and Forbes for its exceptional culture and employee experience.

Yes, you earn income and you get to experience a great culture at this company. Need we ask if you’re still interested?

What can you expect from this job?

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To qualify as a copy editor for NerdWallet, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be based in the U.S.
  • Have 3-5 years of copy editing experience (specifically for consumer-facing publications)
  • Have excellent command of grammar and style
  • Have great interpersonal and coaching skills
  • Have strong organizational and multitasking skills

Here are some of the responsibilities you’ll have in this job:

  • Perform high-quality copy editing and headline writing.
  • Maintain clarity and accuracy to ensure that consumers can greatly benefit from the site’s content.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the writers and your colleagues in the copy editing team.
  • Support the growth of the NerdWallet brand by offering solutions for a variety of projects.

The pay range for this position is $70,000 to $107,000 a year. Benefits offered by the company include medical, dental, and vision plans; 401(k); flexible time off; mental health support; a monthly wellness stipend; a mobile phone and Wi-Fi stipend; and (of course) guidance in the area of financial wellness.

Ready to join the NerdWallet team? Click here to get started on your application!

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