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Got a Way with Words? This Writing Platform Is a Thriving Hub of Opportunities

Its clients include LinkedIn, Uber, and Agoda.

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No person is an island, and no writer has to go it alone in the content creation industry.

Admittedly, writing is a solitary activity. It’s just you and your computer (or notebook, if you favor the old-fashioned ways) for hours on end, thoughts bouncing around your head and hopefully landing on the page at some point in a coherent draft. In that sense, who needs company?

However, writing isn’t exactly easy. To produce a high-quality piece for mass consumption, you need other creative minds to chip in. Even if you’re skilled enough to work on the other aspects of content production, you’d be better off with a team that’s got your back.

The question is where to find a team that can give your writing career a mighty boost. Well, we may just have found the answer.

Constant Content is a thriving marketplace for brands, businesses, and content creators. If you’re a writer looking for a strong support system—in terms of technical expertise, job opportunities, and other career aspects—Constant Content is the place to be.

More on Constant Content

Launched in 2004, Constant Content prides itself on providing “agency-quality content without the agency.”

The implications for brands and businesses are clear: Constant Content offers top-notch content that doesn’t come with the additional fees imposed by agencies. In other words, entities looking for content can get their money’s worth with this platform.

Here are examples of the types of content available here:

  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • White papers and other forms of technical writing
  • eBooks
  • Marketing copy
  • Press releases

In the two decades since its inception, Constant Content has gone from a startup to a global content provider. Brands that have tapped its services over the years include LinkedIn, Best Buy, Uber, and Agoda.

Let’s put it this way: If a travel agency and an electronics retailer decide to trust the same company with their content needs, that company must be pretty versatile. Of course, nothing says versatility better than a client base of 50,000.

In short, Constant Content has a lot of mouths to feed, and you’re welcome on board if you have heaping spoonfuls of content.

How to earn money from Constant Content

To secure your place on this platform, you need to set up your author’s profile. After filling in your personal details (including a valid email address), you’ll be asked to take a grammar quiz. Once you complete the registration process, you can start writing! 

The most common way to earn money on the platform is by contributing a piece to its content stock. After you produce a text on a topic or niche you love, the editorial team will work with you to ensure that your output meets the platform’s standards. Your work is then posted on the marketplace, and if it sells, you get paid on the 1st or 15th of the month.

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In case you’re wondering, around 85% of the articles posted on Constant Content get sold every year. To maximize your earning potential, you can make multiple submissions. 

There will also be times when clients post a request with some pretty intricate specifications. In this case, Constant Content will open it to bidding by experienced writers. This is done to ensure that all specifications will be dutifully met.

All told, Constant Content offers a supportive editorial team, a diversity of writing jobs, opportunities to connect with established brands, and the flexibility to manage your workload and schedule. Now that sounds like a writing platform that’s got your back!

Ready to dazzle with your writing skills? Click here to get more details and start the registration process!

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