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Is Your Money Really Real? Learn How to Detect Counterfeit Bills and Coins

Oh, how the dimes have changed!

magnifying glass over a hundred dollar bill

The more you gaze at that dollar bill in your hand, the weirder it looks. You hold it up to the light and squint. Does it really look weird, or have you just been staring at it for too long? 

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Suddenly, you gasp. The eagle on the black seal from the Federal Reserve Bank looks way more like a chicken. It’s not a “coin”-cidence; it’s official—you have been handed a counterfeit bill.

Fake money can be so difficult to spot these days that it takes more than just common “cents”. With so many different types of technology at the fingertips of criminals, counterfeit cash (and coins) are getting more advanced.

Luckily, there are some tried-and-true methods for detecting it before you get into hot water. Every piece of genuine currency has small markings of authenticity. These include texture, watermarks, color-shifting ink, and security threads. 

There’s no need to be afraid of change anymore. With these valuable suggestions, you’ll be able to spot the difference in no time—and you truly never know when it might come in handy.

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