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The impact of technology on the education industry has been profound.

Think of all who enjoy unprecedented advantages, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. First and foremost, students get the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways. Similarly, teachers find plenty of creative ways to conduct academic sessions. In addition, parents have an easier time monitoring the performance of their children.

All these benefits afforded by technology are awesome, but trust us—this isn’t the full picture by far!

For job seekers, eLearning has also created numerous opportunities to make a living. Since learning providers can easily set up shop on the digital plane nowadays, applicants can secure employment under remote arrangements.

Looking for a job in this particular niche? We’ve found the perfect place for you to explore.

Stride has several work-from-home opportunities that you can choose from. Whether your area of specialization is sales, finance, tech, or education, this company can help you make great strides (pun possibly intended) in your career.

More on Stride

Stride traces its roots back to 1999, when it entered the education arena under the name K12 Inc.

The people behind this company had pretty impressive resumes. You have Ronald J. Packard, a University of Chicago alum who had previously worked for Goldman Sachs. There’s also William J. Bennett—the William Bennett who served as secretary of education under Ronald Reagan.

In the minds of Packard and Bennett, K12 would level the playing field for America’s youth in terms of learning opportunities. Given the backgrounds of these two gentlemen, it is not surprising that they envisioned their company as a conduit to accessible education.

During the first two decades of its existence, K12 proved to be a game-changer for American students across grade levels. Offering both online and blended learning modes, the company was able to win over the trust of thousands of young people (not to mention their parents and custodians).

When K12 rebranded as Stride in 2020, it had almost 165,000 students for that school year. Notably, this number only pertains to the company’s young learners (from preschool to high school). An additional 1,500 adults were also enrolled in training centers affiliated with Stride.

For the great work it has done in the field of education, Stride has earned various industry accolades over the years. At the 2022 Digital Education Awards, the company received The Children’s Home Learning Product of the Year Award for its exemplary K-5 curriculum. That same year, Stride bagged the top prize for K-12 Education Technology Innovation at the EdTech Breakthrough Awards Program.

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In summary, Stride is a highly credible academic institution that makes high-quality education accessible to all types of learners. Of course, you’d be happy to know that it’s not only the kids that benefit.

What job opportunities does Stride offer?

There are a number of categories you can consider when hunting for remote jobs on Stride. These include:

  • Academic positions. At any given time, Stride is looking to hire teachers, counselors, administrators, and other professionals (such as registrars). Many of these positions are remote in nature (though some require you to be a resident of the state in which the job is located).
  • Marketing and sales. Stride could use your help if you know the ins and outs of business development, paid media, and other aspects of marketing.
  • IT and engineering. With an institution of Stride’s magnitude, you can expect that tons of data need to be managed and interfaces constantly fine-tuned. This creates job openings such as platform support specialist, lead UI engineer, and the like.
  • Accounting and finance. Money matters in eLearning, too. Stride needs to tap the talents of finance managers and accounting analysts.

Benefits offered by the company include healthcare, parental leave, and paid time off.

Ready to grab this income-generating opportunity? Click here to see the positions available at Stride!

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