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Get Free Stock Just for Signing Up to This Investment App

Jump into investing—it’s never been easier!

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Once upon a time, the world of investing was a distant realm for the masses. Financial information wasn’t in the public eye, and communication with firms, brokers, and other key players was far from smooth and efficient.

Then the internet came along. Technology got better, too. Because of these game-changers, the power to invest came to rest at the fingertips of just about anyone.

That’s the power you wield when you use the Public investing app. Unlocking investment possibilities that were virtually unfathomable decades ago, Public is a great way for novice investors to jump into the pool and make a splash with their financial assets.

What’s so special about Public?

Launched in 2019, Public is a stock trading app that caters to young investors who are just getting started in the game. With this clientele in mind, Public has distinguished itself as a commission-free platform that eases the burden on its investors and allows them to focus on accumulating knowledge and experience.

To reinforce its young investor-friendly approach, Public decided to do away with the practice of payment for order flow (PFOF). In systems that employ PFOF, online brokers get earnings by involving third-party groups when they execute trades. By scrapping PFOF, Public made sure there would be clear alignment between its incentives and those of its customers in the long term.

To underscore the importance of catering to beginner investors, Public keeps its services simple while also keeping the more complex stuff at bay. On its app, users won’t be overwhelmed by the intricacies of stock analysis tools or cumbersome investment products. No day trading, options, or margin lending, either. In order to motivate users to be prolific when it comes to investments, Public makes investing as easy as can be.

What does the Public app offer?

How’s this for easy? To get started, you don’t need to pay any sort of fee to open a Public account. There’s no minimum amount for the deposit, either. (Yay!) On, you can choose to open a savings account or a brokerage account (which is taxable). 

Before you even dive into your very first investment, you already have something to write home about. Check this out: When you sign up for the Public app, you get free stock that can be worth up to $20. What’s more, if you sign up via a friend’s referral, your free stock can be worth as much as $70!

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Using the Public app, investors can put together a portfolio that includes:

  • Stocks. Heads up—you can buy fractional shares, meaning you can get “slices” instead of one entire share.
  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Like mutual funds, ETFs track a specific index or sector. The difference is that ETFs can actually be bought and sold on a stock exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency. ‘Nuff said.

Since Public aims to facilitate the growth of its young investors, it also provides a social media component—not unlike what you see in apps like Venmo—that allows its community of enthusiasts to come together. Through this social platform, investors can exchange ideas and view others’ portfolios. Given this transparency, all the investors on Public can help one another get better at what they do.

To sum it up, Public is a stock trading app characterized by accessibility, transparency, and an overall investor-friendly approach. If you’re looking to get started in the investment world, Public is an awesome place to embark on your journey.

Get your free stock by opening an account here. Happy investing!

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