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Find Transcription Jobs at This Company Trusted by Forbes and Spotify

This company is seriously legit.

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Over the past two decades, the demand for audio-to-text services has ballooned, so it’s only natural that transcription sites have sprung up all over the internet. Here’s the problem: These platforms have varying degrees of trustworthiness, so if you want to thrive as a transcriptionist, you need to pick wisely.

How about a site that works with the BBC, Forbes, Spotify, and the United Nations? That’s plenty of credibility right there!

Happy Scribe likes to boast about its impressive client base, and why wouldn’t it?  Having provided transcription services to over 100,000 users and teams, it has staked its claim as one of the most reliable transcription platforms out there.

Good news: It’s hiring!

Happy Scribe is looking for freelance transcriptionists to join its team, which consists of dedicated workers from all over the globe. If you’re looking to advance your career in the transcription niche, Happy Scribe ought to be your next destination.

More on Happy Scribe

So, how did this platform come to be? Believe it or not, it started because of school work.

Back in 2017, André Bastié, a native of southwest France, was doing his graduate studies at Dublin City University. As part of a research assignment, he interviewed 12 entrepreneurs based in Ireland. As if tracking down and setting a schedule with each of these busy individuals wasn’t hard enough, he also had to tackle an even more daunting task.

“I went back to the university and the researcher in charge said, ‘That is great, you did all these interviews, but now you have got to transcribe them,” Bastié recalled in a 2023 interview. “I had never done this in my life.”

Realizing the gravity of the situation, he mentioned his predicament to his flatmate Marc Assens (who was spending time at Dublin City University as a research intern). A tech whiz from Spain, Assens helped Bastié dig for speech-to-text tools online. Finding no viable option, the two men ended up developing their own transcription API, which helped Bastié complete his assignment.

Soon, students and researchers from the university were messaging the duo about their new piece of tech. After a month of working on some adjustments, Bastié and Assens launched their tool online. Thanks to their DIY marketing and a timely assist from an American journalist (who called their product “a game changer”), Bastié and Assens’ speech-to-text innovation generated plenty of online buzz.

Realizing that they had stumbled onto a business opportunity, the flatmates decided to launch Happy Scribe in May 2017. As the platform grew, Bastié (Happy Scribe CEO) and Assens (Happy Scribe CTO) went on to hire freelance workers who would proofread the transcripts generated by their tool.

Fueled by the potent combination of outstanding technology and skilled transcriptionists, Happy Scribe has become one of the leading names in the industry today. In less than a decade, the site has amassed an enormous client base that includes media outlets and international organizations.

If you’re interested in becoming a happy scribe (see what we did there?) at this successful company, now is the time to submit your application!

How to apply for a transcriptionist job at Happy Scribe

To qualify for this job, you must be at least 18 years old (and, according to the law of your country, of legal working age). Also, you need to be registered as a freelance worker or, at the very least, able to comply with your local regulations when it comes to self-employed workers.

In terms of skills, Happy Scribe is looking for individuals with proficiency in the language they wish to transcribe in. Keen attention to detail, solid research skills, and a willingness to learn company guidelines are strong attributes as well.

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Does Happy Scribe take your country into consideration? Well, it uses Wise as its primary payment provider, and Wise happens to have a list of countries where it operates. (If you run into issues with Wise, try to see if you can set up a Payoneer account instead.)

As for equipment, you’ll need a computer or a laptop, a keyboard, and a strong internet connection. Happy Scribe requires you to use the latest version of Google Chrome (no other browser permitted). Plus, your equipment needs to be placed in a secure setting as the company takes data privacy very seriously.

Lastly, here’s something you should take seriously: the transcription assessment that’s part of the application process. Do your best to ace this task so you can boost your chances of getting hired!

Think you have what it takes to join the Happy Scribe team? Click here to get started on your application!

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