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How Much Money Do Top Twitch Streamers Make?

They inhabit a virtual world, but the money is as real as it gets.

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If you’re a fan of video games or esports, you have likely spent a good portion of your time on Twitch, one of the most popular platforms for livestreaming video games and sports broadcasts. There are more ways than ever before to monetize your passion, something the top streamers on Twitch have heartily embraced. 

Though gamers often get a reputation for being lazy or unmotivated, the big earners clearly have a knack for business and a flair for entertainment. From merchandise and subscriptions to brand sponsorships and game sales, there’s always a way to cash in. Sometimes, their hourly pay exceeds what some people in the U.S. earn per month! Take a look at the data below to see which Twitch streamers make more per hour than a doctor

Now, make a list of your hobbies. Is there one that could net you some serious cash?

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