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This Company Will Help You Make Money Passing on Your Expertise in Private Lessons

The country needs you. No pressure.

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Clearly, COVID isn’t a menace only to public health. It’s also a detriment to academic growth.

Case in point: The White House itself has admitted that, on average, students in the United States “are two to four months behind in reading and math as a result of the pandemic.”

A price had to be paid for all those months of uncertainty in the education sector—you know, the scary time that began with children having to stay at home. After schools regained some semblance of momentum in terms of holding regular classes, teachers and administrators had to come to terms with the problematic patterns that had emerged in the students’ performance.

Learning loss is—there’s no other way to put it—terrible. Now parents, educators, and the federal government are scrambling to find ways to address it.

You can be part of the solution.

By applying for an on-site, in-person tutoring job at, you can help students get back on track with developing their fundamental skills. With, you’ll make money and—believe it or not—get a chance to contribute to national development.

What is, anyway?

Launched in 2007, this company cares (see what we did there?) a great deal about the well-being of the young ones. As a matter of fact, caters to a family’s varied needs, which include:

For providing excellent service in these areas, the platform has earned a number of distinctions. These include a spot on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in 2015, as well as multiple Seals of Distinction from the Alliance for Work-Life Progress.

In other words, is a pretty reliable source of employment options. If it’s tutoring jobs that you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

What tutoring jobs can I find there?

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As you’ll see on’s Tutoring Jobs page, there’s an assortment of gigs you can choose from. Here are some of the factors that come into play:

  • Age. Parents have put up job postings on behalf of children who are in elementary school, teenagers who are plowing their way through high school, and every other age in between.
  • Academic field. English, math, and science are among the most prominent subjects in these job postings. Parents are looking for tutors who can give their kids a hand with basic reading skills, simple arithmetic, fundamental science concepts, and a host of other academic skills and topics. There are also parents who seek help from language tutors so that their children can do better in Spanish, French, and other foreign tongues.
  • Situation. These job postings can be very specific. The kids who need assistance may be studying for a major exam, struggling with a developmental gap, or dealing with special needs.

You’ll be taking all of this into consideration when you start scouting the platform for your first in-person tutoring job. The process of becoming a tutor on this platform is rather simple.

  1. Create a profile in which you’ll share your availability, academic background, experience, expected hourly rate, and other personal details.
  1. Search for jobs on the platform and communicate with prospective clients.
  1. Agree on the specifications of the job with the client and get hired.

As per, the tutors on its platform earn an average of $16.75 an hour. (That’s as of September 2022.)

To get started on your application to be an on-site, in-person tutor, click here. The country—nay, the world—could surely use gifted and dedicated educators like you.

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