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Are You a Writer Looking for Your Next Big Break? Then Check Out This Platform

This company knows what it’s doing.

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If there’s one thing writers need a constant supply of, it’s opportunity.

While grammar books and coffee beans certainly make their wishlist, writers are always on the lookout for the next big project. Ideally, said project is intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding.

Are you a writer searching for a steady stream of opportunities? Buckle up because we’ve found the perfect place for you!

In the thriving landscape of the gig economy, Verblio is a place where freelance writers across the globe can flourish. At Verblio, you’ll find opportunity after opportunity to spread your wings, gain new insights, and line your pockets.

More on Verblio

Back in 2011, a content marketing site named BlogMutt appeared on the online scene. Its bread and butter was (as per its LinkedIn profile) “creating high-quality content for businesses and marketing agencies.”

Over time, BlogMutt amassed a sizable workforce—over 3,000 U.S.-based writers equipped with in-depth content knowledge and refined writing styles. Thanks to these prolific wordsmiths, BlogMutt became a trusted name in content creation. In 2015 and 2016, it was recognized by Colorado-based publication BizWest as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the area.

Then, in 2018, the site rebranded. In a blog post published just days before the big shift, marketing head Paul Zalewski acknowledged the limitations of the BlogMutt name: “It makes people assume we only write blog posts when, in fact, we’ve been creating many more types of content for many different clients for a long time. With the rebrand, we’re making it official (and easier, we hope).”

As Verblio, the platform fully embraced its identity as a highly versatile provider of content services. At present, it offers the following types of content to its clients:

  • Blog posts
  • Content for pillar pages
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Product descriptions
  • Videos

All these—and more—are highly sought-after by businesses and agencies across a number of industries, among them engineering, legal, education, retail, real estate, travel, and tech.

That’s plenty of ground to cover, but Verblio doesn’t take shortcuts in its screening process. The company claims that “only the top 4% of all who apply ultimately become Verblio writers.” It surely sounds like a steep mountain to climb, but ultimately, the Verblio experience—opportunities, network, perks, and all—is worth the effort.

How can you earn money from Verblio?

To qualify as a writer for Verblio, you need to be at least 18 years old and have legal authorization to work in the U.S. You also need to present a W9 to validate your social security number. (It’s important to note that Verblio does not require you to be located within the United States. As long as you meet these specifications, you can submit an application.)

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The application process includes assessments related to grammar proficiency and proper citation. (Plagiarism, of course, is a huge no-no.) You’ll also have to provide a sample that meets Verblio’s standards. Get this: If the sample satisfies the team’s criteria, you’ll be accepted as a Verblio writer and you can sell that sample to a client right away!

Wondering about the experience factor? Don’t worry—Verblio doesn’t require a lengthy work history from its applicants. However, those with extensive resumes are likely to access better-paying jobs on the platform at a faster rate.

At the beginning of your stint at Verblio, your typical writing jobs will be in the 300- to 400-word range, earning you around $11.50. In time, you’ll be able to access opportunities that offer higher pay.

Opportunity, of course, is what this company thrives on. Ready to explore yours? Click here to get started on the application process!

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