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Earn Money Making What You Love and Selling It on This Site

Your passion will pay off. Really, it will.

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When we hear that a friend of ours has chosen to devote more time to their “hobbies,” we tend to feel a smidge of pity.

Hobbies? Whatever happened to their job? Are they going to be alright?

Of course, that’s if you’re assuming that hobbies won’t get you anywhere as far as making a living goes. News flash: Hobbies don’t work that way anymore.

Thanks to eCommerce site Etsy, folks like you and me can make serious money off our beloved crafts and other interests. Since 2005, Etsy has served as a springboard for success in the field of entrepreneurship. We’re talking upwards of 2 million sellers and 39 million buyers.

In other words, Etsy is a massive marketplace. As immense as the site is, it will always have room for aspiring sellers. You could be one of them!

So, how exactly does a hobbyist carve a niche on the Etsy platform? Here are three ways to accomplish this.

Conceptualize (Yep, that’s a big word)

First, you need to have a clear vision of what you’ll sell and how you’ll sell it.

Etsy is devoted exclusively to handmade products, but hey, a lot of people can come up with a cute basket. To put it another way, thousands of sellers out there can make a product similar to the item you have in mind. The question is how you can make yours stand out so that customers will buy from you, NOT your competitors.

To make your product pop out in this crowded market, you can first invest in market research. This includes profiling your target audience and benchmarking competitors that have already gained a foothold in your particular field. By learning from their best practices, you can devise your own entrepreneurial playbook.

Be aware that certain items are prohibited on Etsy. These include some animal products, tobacco, medicines and illegal drugs, human remains, and items that embody hatred or violence.

Lastly, keep in mind there will be three types of fees you’ll be dealing with on Etsy. You’ll pay listing fees and transaction fees, as well as subscription fees if you wish to upgrade to Etsy Plus for additional promotional features.

Spice up your presentation

Now that you’ve come up with your product specifics, you should turn your focus to the manner in which you’ll present it to the public. In other words, you have to think about image. 

Don’t spare any effort when it comes to customizing your Etsy page. In the same way that a nice-looking, neatly organized physical shop can entice buyers, an online Etsy shop that’s well put together can be very inviting to customers in the digital realm. 

In particular, work on your brand name, logo, and bio page. First impressions are crucial in entrepreneurial endeavors, and these three details can make or break your Etsy business. Make sure that they are memorable and emblematic of your product.

Don’t forget that online marketplaces aim to appeal to our visual nature. Because of this, each photo you upload has to be of top-notch quality. Let these pictures contribute to your overall brand-building. 

Engage, engage, engage!

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Having crafted the overall appearance of your product and Etsy shop, you can now let the whole world know what you have to offer. 

Harness all the social media platforms at your disposal to boost awareness of your Etsy venture. Facebook offers you the chance to produce long-form multimedia posts, while Instagram and Pinterest will allow your clients to feast their eyes on your merchandise. Remember that distribution is just as important as the content itself. 

Let’s put it this way: What profit do you stand to generate if you have the best handmade products in the world but nobody knows that they exist? Indeed, you can expect to make big bucks only if you’re willing to devote time and resources to customer engagement. If you do this well, your satisfied clients will take the initiative of spreading the word about your Etsy project.

With the right strategy and sustained effort, you can turn your leisurely pursuits into money-churning adventures. Make your hobbies profitable by signing up to be an Etsy seller today!

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