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This $3,200,000 Suit Is Both Bulletproof and Blinged-Out

A must-have for crime-fighting, limousine-riding agents!

bullet stuck in metal sheet

Iron Man meets James Bond, ladies and gentlemen.

In 2014, a Swiss company developed the most expensive custom-made suit in history. You know, in case you want to fend off a purple alien looking for some colorful stones or look good while you sip a Vesper Martini and ponder your next spy move.

For the Tony Stark-esque price of $3.2 million, you can get your hands on the opulent Diamond Armor suit. Its Zurich-based manufacturer SuitArt touts itself as a “family business” that blends “Italian style with Swiss quality standards.”

(Okay, correction. That $3.2 million was the price tag back in 2014. If you adjust for inflation, it would be $3.9 million in 2022!)

Next-level protection

Let’s see why you can’t pick up this suit at your nearest JCPenney. For one, it’s a bulletproof ballistic suit. No, this is not a gimmick: The bulletproofing is certified by NATO. SuitArt teamed up with body armor developer Croshield to make sure its creation would meet such high standards.

Gizmodo further specified that this suit is capable of “shielding you from handgun-fired bullets ranging from 9mm pistols all the way to .357 Magnums.” While Agent 007 has certainly had to confront adversaries with more advanced weaponry, you might as well take this multimillion-dollar caliber of protection.

Unless, of course, you have Q on speed dial.

The suit is stylish as hell

While NATO-certified protection sounds fancy, the fashion aspect of the Diamond Armor suit is insanely lavish. 

There’s a reason why it’s called Diamond Armor. Real black diamonds are embedded in it—880 of them, to be precise. Six hundred of these tiny beauties adorn the lapel and contours, and 280 are in the jacket buttons.

If that’s not some serious bling, we don’t know what is!

What’s more, the silk lining of the suit sports Luciano Goizueta’s artwork Unidad Molecular Aleatoria. (Did the Costa Rican artist get paid handsomely for his contribution? He absolutely deserved to be.)

No room for cheap polka dots here: Diamond Armor comes with a 24-carat golden silk tie. According to SuitArt, advancements in nanotechnology make the suit’s gold thread “the first permanently golden fabric in the world.” So…hooray, we guess?

Since nothing can ruin a great suit like a horrible watch, SuitArt has you covered there as well. It teamed up with Carl F. Bucherer (another Switzerland-based manufacturer) for a limited edition Patravi Traveltec that accompanies each Diamond Armor suit. This gorgeous watch is composed of ceramic, titanium, rubber, and—you guessed it—gold.

Oh, did we mention that Diamond Armor is waterproof and dirt-resistant? Think about it: a suit that keeps you safe from bullets but not Dave’s Gourmet’s white truffle marinara? Even if that stain is made up of the world’s most expensive pasta sauce, it’s still a stain.

There’s no other word for it: This suit is COOL!

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On top of its luxurious design, Diamond Armor has an active cooling system that uses a water humidification technique. 

In other words, this diamond-laced, bulletproof, waterproof, artsy suit also has air-conditioning! Very, very cool.

Here’s how the official SuitArt site puts this A/C capability into context: “The integrated technology, which can be activated at the push of a button, allows for highest comfort…In the future, it will be a pleasure to wear SuitArt suits even during summery temperatures.”

Sounds like a press release straight from the office of Mr. Stark. Right now, though, all we can do is marvel at the exquisite features of the Diamond Armor suit. (Yes, that Marvel insert was intentional.)

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