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Are You a Great Listener and a Fast Typer? Put Your Skills to Good Use at This Transcription Service

Get things done right, and get them done fast.

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In the transcription industry, speed is of the essence.

While the accurate conversion of spoken words to text is certainly a priority, turnaround time is absolutely a draw for customers. When you think about the people in need of transcripts—students, researchers, lawyers, and medical personnel, to name just a few—you can understand why none of them can afford the luxury to wait.

Are you equipped with the skills to produce transcripts that are both flawless and promptly delivered? If so, you’d be a great fit for this well-trusted, highly prominent platform.

CastingWords is looking for freelance transcriptionists who can cater to the needs of its numerous clients. If your listening and typing skills are on point, CastingWords is the place to be!

More on CastingWords

The company was founded in November 2005 by Rachel Pearson and Nathan McFarland. Their goal was to provide freelancers with a venue to earn money from transcription. At the same time, CastingWords would become a thriving marketplace for parties wishing to avail themselves of high-quality transcription services.

For nearly two decades, CastingWords has made its presence felt in the transcription industry. Throughout this time, the platform has stood out from the competition thanks to these key features:

  • Support for a variety of transcript formats (including MS Word, HTML, and plain text)
  • 99% percent accuracy guarantee (This is ironclad: If the customer is not quite satisfied with the output, they can request a new edit.)
  • Different types of workflows that facilitate the management of the transcription process (such as email, Dropbox, FTP, and RSS)
  • Live order tracking that lets you know the status of your order at any given time
  • Seamless combination of human skill and automation to ensure that each order is processed effectively and efficiently

Aside from transcription, the CastingWords platform offers jobs such as transcript editing, transcript evaluation, and supervisory tasks. Of course, to get to the jobs that are more complex in nature, you’ll first have to prove your worth as a transcriptionist.

As far as proving itself to clients, CastingWords has already done the work. Its star-studded client base includes media organizations such as ABC, BBC, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as Microsoft and NASA. It has been featured in The New York Times and The Economist for the excellent work it has done.

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If it’s a credible company you’re looking for, they don’t get more so than CastingWords. Now is the time for you to start thinking seriously about your job application.

What can you expect as a CastingWords team member?

To qualify as a transcriptionist for this company, you must be at least 18 and a resident of a country or state where the PayPal Mass Payment system works. Specifically, your country should be listed among those where it is possible to receive and send funds via PayPal. (To see this list, click here.)

If you meet these criteria, you can set up an account (where you’ll enter your personal details). After this, one of two things will happen. One, you might be asked to undergo a performance-based assessment by transcribing a short audio file. Two, CastingWords may decide that you can proceed straight to your dashboard for your first official transcription task. Do read the company’s style guide before you begin taking jobs!

For more on CastingWords’ pay rates, check this section of the FAQs. To get started on your application, click here.

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