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Got Experience with Payroll? This Healthcare Company Has a Work-from-Home Job for You

Work your payroll mojo in this important job.

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Working in the healthcare industry is rewarding in more ways than one.

Whether it’s a doctor improving patients’ conditions, a nurse providing round-the-clock care, or an ob-gyn welcoming newborns to the world, these professionals have fulfilling careers.

Fulfillment, however, doesn’t pay the bills. At the end of the day, healthcare personnel need to collect a paycheck. Said paycheck has to be computed correctly and processed promptly so that medical workers can get their due rewards.

Interested in performing payroll duties for a healthcare institution? We’ve found one such opportunity for you.

US Acute Care Solutions, a healthcare provider that renders services in 30 states, is looking to hire a work-from-home payroll specialist. Want details? Read on then. 

More on US Acute Care Solutions

In 2015, Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP) and Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) let it be known that they’d band together to launch US Acute Care Solutions.

Both organizations had been operating in the healthcare industry for decades. EMP had been active in the field of emergency medical services since 1992. Meanwhile, WCAS had made around $7 billion in healthcare investments since its inception in 1979. 

Just seven months after commencing operations, US Acute Care Solutions significantly expanded its reach by establishing partnerships in a number of locations. These included Denver (Emergency Physicians at Porter Hospitals), Florida (Tampa Bay Emergency Physicians), and Maryland (MEP Health).

At that time, the company was providing healthcare services to around 4 million patients across 20 states. These numbers would spike in the following years as US Acute Care Solutions forged even more partnerships. Currently, the company has a presence in 30 states; and the number of patients it serves has ballooned to 9 million.

What do all these Americans count on this company for? US Acute Care Solutions covers a lot of ground—from emergency services and critical care to telemedicine and observation medicine. Proud to be “physician-owned and outcome-oriented,” this company continues to find ways to deliver outstanding care to its patients.

There’s no doubt that the people at US Acute Care Solutions do plenty of great work. By stepping into the role of payroll specialist, you can do great work for them.

What can you expect from this job?

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To qualify for this remote position, you need the following:

  • High school diploma or equivalent (bonus points for a bachelor’s degree)
  • One to two years of experience in processing payroll
  • Experience with MS Office applications
  • Experience with Workday Cloud or another cloud-based payroll application
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Here are some of the responsibilities associated with this position:

  • Help prepare semi-monthly and monthly payrolls.
  • Effectively process employee-level information.
  • Adhere to federal, state, and local tax guidelines.
  • Observe proper documentation practices relating to payroll processes.
  • Ensure that payrolls comply with labor laws and benefit plans.
  • Generate solutions to payroll problems by coordinating with the finance department (and, if need be, other departments in the company).

The hourly pay rate for this position is $18.76 to $31.26.

Sounds good to you? Click here to apply for this job at US Acute Care Solutions!

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