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This Rewards-Based Site Lives Up to Its Name (Seriously, It Does)

Tired of false advertising for online platforms? Say no more.

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Online platforms and services don’t always live up to their name. Though the URLs look promising, you come to realize that some sites don’t really deliver the goods. 

It’s wise then to seek out online brands that give you honest advertising. (Honest and high-quality. You wouldn’t want some platform named to live up to the billing, do you?)

With that said, thank goodness for QuickRewards.

This site is what you’d call a veteran in the “easy money” category of online platforms. Having been around for such a long time, QuickRewards has put together multiple streams of revenue that you can claim, well, quickly. 

In other words, QuickRewards features effortless tasks that allow you to cash out your rewards promptly. Now that sounds like a great deal!

First, some background

Launched in 2002, QuickRewards exists to provide excellent service to two key players: members and advertisers.

On the one hand, QuickRewards is a proud participant in incentive-based marketing. As the name suggests, this is an approach that offers rewards to customers in exchange for their engagement in various marketing strategies.

On the other hand, QuickRewards offers advertisers “quality targeted traffic at very competitive prices.” Folks in the advertising industry would be glad to have long-term commitments from online channels to maximize the return on their investment in precious traffic. QuickRewards aims to facilitate this efficiency with simple but compelling methods.

The key features of QuickRewards

What do QuickRewards members do that can put a smile on the faces of advertising partners? Why, easy tasks, of course.

To begin with, you should note that, as specified in the company’s LinkedIn profile, QuickRewards’ assorted perks are reserved for U.S. and Canadian participants. 

If you’re one of those, good for you! Here are the various cash-generating activities you can participate in when you hop on the QuickRewards platform:

  • Completing surveys
  • Availing yourself of offers
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping online
  • Playing games
  • Referring other people to the site
  • Reading emails; performing subsequent tasks indicated

Easy-peasy, right? Let’s talk about cashing out. (Spoiler: The process is quite easy as well.)

Unlike other sites, QuickRewards does not have a minimum amount for cash-out via PayPal. No need to wait for your balance to get up to two digits—you can transfer as much (or as little) money as you’d like to your PayPal account.

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Alternatively, you can redeem your balance via gift cards. QuickRewards has a wide variety of them: Amazon, Disney, Best Buy, Red Lobster, Home Depot…the list goes on. (Take note, though, that you need a minimum balance of $5 to redeem a gift card.)

Let’s get real here: If you’re approaching QuickRewards as a millionaire-making tool, you’re looking in the wrong place. When you view this platform from the right angle—that is, as an online channel that allows you to earn money on the side bit by bit—you’ll see that it has great value.

Did we mention that this site allows you to cash out rather quickly? Then again, you already knew that. It’s all in the name.

To sign up for your QuickRewards account, click here. You know what to do—move fast, earn fast!

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