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Got an Itch to Write? Here Are Tons of Online Writing Jobs

With this platform, it’s only right to write.

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A writer’s mind is constantly abuzz. At any given moment, their brain cells are occupied with some urgent matter.

By “urgent matter,” we mean a pitch for a killer article, a mind-blowing set of revisions from a particularly harsh editor, or perhaps a sound strategy to meet a deadline that’s coming up in 12 hours.

While any one of these matters is enough to preoccupy a creative mind for hours—even days—on end, writers also need to think about the tangible side of their craft. As in, “How can my writing skills earn me my next paycheck?”

If you’ve been gifted with wit and style and wish to maximize your return on these assets, we’ve got just the platform for you.

At FlexJobs, you’ll find a ton of writing projects that need your impressive skills. This site isn’t limited to job postings, either: For a reasonable price, it offers services aimed at increasing an applicant’s chances of getting hired.

Real talk: Not all writers have mastered the fundamental skill of preparing a resume. To improve this particular skill and explore the numerous work opportunities across the writing and editing spectrum, you’ve got to check out FlexJobs. 

Background of the company

Since 2007, FlexJobs has led the way in the remote work industry. Long before the work-from-home phenomenon of the pandemic era, FlexJobs worked tirelessly to make remote gigs pay off for workers and employers alike.

Firstly, job seekers can rest assured that the postings on this platform are properly vetted. Transactions involving remote positions progress entirely through online channels—as opposed to the traditional process in a physical office—so FlexJobs’ screening process is a great comfort to applicants.

Secondly, FlexJobs also facilitates the recruitment process for employers, making it easier for them to view the detailed profiles of their prospective team members. 

What’s more, FlexJobs creates win-win scenarios by lending valuable assistance to job seekers. By offering career advice, help with resumes, webinars, and even individual coaching, FlexJobs enables members of the workforce to consistently meet standards of professionalism. This means that employers would be hiring people whose professional growth is on the right track.

What writing gigs can I find on FlexJobs?

All of these features are incredibly helpful for writers. (You know, those folks whose minds are constantly abuzz. They can surely use an assist or two.)

What writing jobs are available on the platform? Take your pick:

  • Creative writing jobs

Are you quick-witted, imaginative, and perhaps even poetic? You’d have a blast working as a copywriter, blogger, content creator, and social media coordinator.

  • Technical writing jobs

If your preference is for drafting procedures, manuals, reports, and flow charts, you’ll be able to satisfy your appetite as well.

  • Journalistic jobs

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You’re up to date with the latest stories, have a knack for asking the right questions, and possess the skill for presenting information accurately and concisely. Guess what? Organizations across the country are looking for a reporter like you.

  • Editorial jobs

Someone’s got to dot those i’s and cross those t’s. For every brilliant writer, there has to be an exceptional editor with an uncanny instinct for grammatical neatness and stylistic choices. If you have these editorial talents, you’ll find your opportunities on the platform.

No need to ask about the fields or specializations that you’d be exploring—these writing and editorial jobs cover plenty of ground! From marketing and education to engineering and web content, you can find just about every area that you’re interested in on FlexJobs.

To get started on your job hunting, check out the Writing Jobs page, which features a plethora of remote writing and editorial gigs. Once you find a great writing opportunity on FlexJobs, maybe—just maybe—your prolific mind can rest for two minutes.

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