This Platform Lets You Clean Out Your Closet and Earn Some Cash While You’re at It

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When was the last time you took a long, hard look inside your closet? If it’s been ages, you probably can’t put an exact number to the clothes and accessories inhabiting that space. 

While you may be proud of your fashion sense, there are certain things you have to consider. One is that you might throw out a ton of items and contribute to the garbage problem that our planet has long been grappling with.

What if there was a way to not only reduce your waste but also recoup some of your clothing expenses?

You can grab this win-win opportunity by using ThredUp. With this platform, you can do your bit for the planet and make some cash!

More on ThredUp

2009 was a big year for James Reinhart. For one, he graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. Pretty smart dude, this guy.

That same year, he came up with a brilliant idea that would change his life forever. It struck when Reinhart was staring at the contents of his closet and noticed a bunch of clothes he never really wore.

“I knew there was value locked up in those clothes,” Reinhart shared. “I certainly didn’t appreciate how that insight could eventually upend how we look at innovation in retail, the apparel industry, and our environment.”

When ThredUp launched that year, it started as a platform for swapping men’s and women’s clothing. Though this was a fascinating concept on paper, business wasn’t exactly booming in the early stages.

That was until Reinhart and his team had another epiphany. Apparently, old clothes were an even bigger issue for another demographic: children. When ThredUp added children’s clothing in 2010, business picked up in a big way.

In the decade that followed, the company continued to see impressive growth. It branched out into designer fashion, opened a number of distribution centers and retail shops, and even partnered with celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Lena Dunham to spread the message of waste reduction.

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As ThredUp entered its second decade of existence, it was clear that thousands of consumers embraced that message. According to the company’s 2021 impact report, ThredUp has “processed more than 137 million items as of the end of 2021, saving our customers over $4.1 billion off estimated retail price and displacing over 1.3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.”

How do you get in on this action?

If you’re interested in cleaning out your closet and picking up some cash while you’re at it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Pack those clothes and accessories. You can place your unwanted items in a box or bag of your choice. Reach out to ThredUp so it can send you a shipping label. If you don’t want to use some random box or bag, you can ask for the platform’s signature Clean Out Kit.
  1. Ship your stuff to ThredUp. You can do so via FedEx or USPS.
  1. Sit tight as ThredUp does the rest. It will run a 12-point inspection, take care of the marketing, and facilitate the selling process. You will be paid through cash or shopping credit.

Head over here for more details about brand eligibility and estimated selling prices. If you’ve made up your mind to start clearing your closet, click here to get the ball rolling.

With ThredUp, you’ll free up closet space, spare the environment from a bunch of waste, and beef up your bank account. Triple win or what?

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