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This Site Is Looking for Writers to Produce Articles About the Lexus Brand

Make the most of your passion for cars and writing!

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How many ways are there to love a car? Let’s count them.

There are enthusiasts obsessed with enhancing the visual appeal of their prized beauties. Then you have technical experts who are in relentless pursuit of the smoothest ride possible. And let’s not forget the Jay Leno-like hoarders hell-bent on amassing mind-blowing collections.

Just like every other type of fandom, the league of car lovers has taken its passion to the online realm. Give any car enthusiast a well-written article on automobiles, and they’ll happily flock to your website!

Would you like to earn money by producing content for car lovers? If so, we’ve found the perfect job for you!

Club Lexus, an online community of Lexus enthusiasts, is looking for freelance writers to create content about their beloved automotive brand. If you live and breathe Lexus and happen to boast strong writing skills, you need to apply for this position ASAP!

More on Club Lexus

Remember those online forums in the 1990s, when the internet was still in its infancy? Club Lexus got its start in those days.

The driving force behind this project was Michael Kilty, a southern California native who loved Lexus to bits. The About Us page of Club Lexus identifies the V8-powered, second-generation Lexus GS as the vehicle that ignited Kilty’s passion for the brand. (If you’ve ever ridden in said vehicle, you know how luxurious and powerful it was.)

After beefing up his Lexus with an ATI Supercharger, Kilty decided he absolutely had to share his passion with the world. With the internet fast becoming a popular communication channel, Kilty set his sights on launching an online platform for fellow Lexus owners.

Thus, Club Lexus came into existence through a free message board hosting site in 1999. Thanks to Kilty’s dedication, it grew to become one of the most popular online communities for Lexus enthusiasts.

At present, Club Lexus hosts forums that serve the following purposes:

  • Delivering the latest product announcements
  • Discussing the many Lexus models launched through the years
  • Providing a venue for buyers and sellers to communicate
  • Talking about specialized matters (such as maintenance, detailing, and security)

In addition, the site offers helpful guides for optimizing different Lexus models, making it an excellent destination for all Lexus-related matters.

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The site is always looking for ways to supercharge its content production. One of its best options is to hire enthusiasts who also have the gift of writing. If this happens to describe you, you may very well be the next Club Lexus member.

What are the necessary qualifications?

Club Lexus is looking for the following qualities in its prospective content creators:

  • Broad knowledge of trends and terms in the automotive industry
  • The ability to balance an authoritative voice with an engaging personality
  • The skill to adapt one’s writing style to the preferences of the target audience
  • Diligence in conducting research and verifying facts

Also, make sure you have a reliable computer and a strong internet connection so that you don’t miss a beat! All applications go through Club Lexus’ watchful editorial team, so do follow every step of the application process and supply all the required information and documents.

Ready to delight Lexus lovers with your writing skills? Click here to get started on your Club Lexus application!

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