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Are You a Math Tutor? Boost Your Career by Applying at This Edtech Site

Add to your income while subtracting from students’ stress!

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Back in our school days, math triggered a range of emotions.

Many of us can remember that feeling of dread whenever our algebra teacher decided that a pop quiz was in order. On the other hand, there were those among us who came to love and appreciate math. More often than not, they were glad to lend their classmates a hand with those formulae and postulates.

Whether you feared or embraced math, you probably kept hearing how useful it would be later in your life. Still, you kept wondering what good the Pythagorean theorem would do if you became an artist or ended up flipping burgers. 

We’re about to answer that question. If you happen to be a certified math whiz, you’ll want to pay close attention.

Yup, a company that operates a popular math tutoring app, is looking for math tutors right now. If you’re an expert in several mathematical fields and know exactly what practical purpose they serve, Yup may very well be your next career destination.

More on Yup

Yup is the brainchild of Naguib Sawiris, who happens to be the nephew of an Egyptian telecom billionaire. (Great head start, don’t you think?) 

After graduating from Stanford University, Sawiris decided to embrace entrepreneurship. His first venture—a startup focused on grocery delivery services—was a bust, but he wasn’t about to give up that easily. 

In 2014, he launched an app that addressed the constant need for help of students grappling with math. Sawiris called it MathCrunch but soon renamed it Yup to reflect the positive vibe that he wanted to put out.

Sawiris was adamant that the app should facilitate proper learning instead of encouraging unwanted attitudes or behaviors. In a 2016 article, he put it quite bluntly: “You can build an online tutoring platform that helps students cheat, but that doesn’t improve outcomes.”

With the goal of developing students’ mathematical skills in mind, Sawiris and his team got to work on refining Yup’s services. Over the years, the tutorial services offered by the platform have come to be defined by the following:

  • Clear goals that mirror the problems and the task difficulty that students deal with in their regular classes
  • An emphasis on reasoning and problem-solving
  • Effective use of visual aids to help students understand logical representations
  • The Socratic method of questioning (which allows students to fully understand the thought process behind solutions)
  • A scaffolded approach that culminates in the independent application of concepts and skills

To date, Yup has facilitated around 300,000 tutoring sessions, with close to 25,000 students benefiting from top-notch learning experiences. However, the best is yet to come for this tutoring platform, and it continues to aim for growth through the recruitment of brilliant mathematicians.

Are you one of those? 

How do you apply to be a Yup tutor?

Here’s how the company describes its workforce: “Yup tutors are current and former teachers, educators, and graduate students with extensive tutoring experience.” If you fall under one—or even two—of those categories, you’d be a great fit for this team. 

You need to be a fluent English speaker, and you also have to clear a background check. While you don’t have to be a U.S. resident to qualify, you need a strong grasp of the K-8 or 9-12 U.S. math curriculum. (Let’s clarify: Yup offers tutorial services in fields such as algebra, geometry, probability, pre-calculus, calculus AB, and trigonometry.)

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Take note that the application process entails the following:

  1. A written application
  2. Exams that will evaluate your mathematical proficiency and pedagogical mastery
  3. Sessions in which you will demonstrate your skills

Since all tutorial sessions will be conducted via the Yup app, make sure you have reliable hardware, a strong internet connection, and an excellent webcam and microphone.

Lastly, take note that this is flexible work, which means you can choose your working hours every week. Payments will be sent monthly through PayPal or a direct deposit to your bank account.

Ready to join this community of math tutors? If your answer is “yup,” click here to apply!

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