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Want to Make Your Mark in the Field of UX? Check Out This Remote Job

Be the X-factor!

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Let’s talk about UX (user experience) and why it matters.

The idea of UX design has been around for a long, long time, and it’s actually a pretty simple one. Essentially, any product or service out there should be designed in such a way that it gives the customer a pleasant experience. If a piece of furniture or some sophisticated software can be described as efficient, easy to use, and relevant, that product’s UX design is absolutely spot-on.

Over the centuries, the field of UX has kept expanding, with countless books and reports dissecting its numerous concepts. It was inevitable that UX would become an area of intensive study.

Enter the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF).

The IxDF says it wants to be “the best and most recognized” UX design school in the world, and it’s really not that far off from its goal. In over two decades, it has produced more than 140,000 graduates equipped with UX expertise. By all indications, this online school will march steadily toward the one million mark. 

If UX has caught your eye and you happen to be hunting for a job, there’s an opening tailor-made for you. IxDF is looking to hire a work-from-home member support unicorn.

Yes, you read that right. Its words, not ours. If you’re an excellent communicator with a solid grasp of UX, you should definitely apply to be a unicorn.

More on IxDF

Founded in 2002, IxDF bills itself as “the biggest online design school globally.” (Hard to argue with that, actually.)

Taking its cue from the Scandinavian educational system, IxDF has long espoused low-cost, high-quality learning for its UX design students. In order to establish its credibility, IxDF leans on industry experts to craft its Ivy League-level curriculum.

Thanks to the valuable assistance of UX gurus, IxDF has become a highly trusted name in the field. Aside from catering to thousands of online students, IxDF has forged key partnerships with organizations that rely on its training courses via a special Company Membership. You’ll probably recognize some of these names: IBM, Adobe, General Electric, HP, and the United Nations, to name just a few.

You may be asking yourself, “How exactly do IxDF graduates make a living after finishing their studies?” Aside from becoming consultants and researchers in the field of UX, they can pursue positions such as creative project manager, interactive art director, and mobile application designer.

Check this out: a UX designer in Seattle typically makes $87,000 per year. That number goes up to $114,000 if they are based in New York.

So, when it comes to UX, IxDF is the big league. Of course, it’s not just the graduates that get to enjoy success. Securing employment at IxDF means you’ve hit a high note in your career.

What can you expect from this job?

To be clear, the funky-sounding title of “member support unicorn” is a customer support role. You can be a unicorn, of course, if you prove to have that rare mix of great qualifications and exceptional work ethic.

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To qualify for this remote position, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be based in the Central European Time (CET) timezone;
  • Have a minimum of two years of experience in customer engagement via email (or a similar client-facing job designation);
  • Have excellent communication skills;
  • Have great problem-solving skills;
  • Be empathetic;
  • Have the ability to adapt and embrace new perspectives.

Here are some of the responsibilities you’ll have in this role:

  • Act as a point person for customers in the B2B and B2C industries by responding to questions about IxDF products and providing other pertinent details.
  • Become an ambassador of the IxDF brand.
  • Cooperate with the development and editorial teams to help enhance IxDF’s products.
  • Relay customer needs to various departments within IxDF.

Benefits offered by IxDF include a home office allowance, a company-issued laptop, and 25 days of paid vacation every year.

Ready to make a difference in the world of UX? Click here to get started on your IxDF application!

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